“Emily In Paris” Star And ARMY Ashley Park Shares How Important It Was For Her To Include BTS In Her Performance

She still can’t believe that she was able to do it!

Don’t you love watching TV and hearing K-Pop unexpectantly? We do! It’s just further proof that music is a truly universal language.

Viewers of Netflix‘s Emily in Paris, a comedy-drama about Emily (Lily Collins), an American woman who joins a French marketing firm in Paris, were shook to hear BTS‘s hit song “Dynamite.”

“Emily in Paris” poster.

Season 2 of the show premiered on December 22. At the end of season 1, Emily’s friend Mindy (played by Ashley Park) landed a job as an emcee at a drag bar, and then she showcased her new role in episode one of season 2, where she performed “Dynamite” to an adoring audience.

Ashley Park as Mindy performing “Dynamite.” | Netflix

ARMYs especially loved it! Still, no one was more excited than the actress herself.

It turns out that she’s ARMY as well!

| Fit For Broadway

Park told MTV that it was actually her idea to perform a K-Pop song in the first place. As a Korean American, representation is so important to her.

Since the show is on Netflix and is global, I asked the producers, ‘Can we please do a K-Pop song?’

— Ashley Park


The fact that the producers ended up scoring a BTS song of all was truly special for her as she is ARMY. She also told Vogue that she couldn’t believe that they got the rights to perform “Dynamite.”

Never in my wildest dreams as a BTS stan, BTS ARMY, did I think that they would get ‘Dynamite’ by BTS.

— Ashley Park


Watching the scene now, you’d think everything was planned at once as it all goes so well together. Actually, the costume came before the song choice!

And we had this costume all made already that was not meant for that number, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna make it work!’ ‘We have to make it work!’ And so I’m so excited about that.

— Ashley Park


She also shared a heartfelt post on Instagram after the Emily in Paris season 2 premiere. She thanked everyone who made her dream a reality and revealed that “Dynamite” is actually her favorite BTS song too!

I’m still pinching myself that I got to sing my favorite #bts @bts.bighitofficial song as Mindy! But there’s no way I could take all the credit for this, so here’s my novellll of thanks to #btsarmy and the behind-the-scenes army who made this scene possible…

— Ashley Park

In addition to thanking the cast and crew of Emily in Paris, she concluded the post by thanking all of the BTS members too. BRB, crying.

RM, Suga, V, JungKook, J-Hope, JiMin, Jin… for YOUUUU and your constant hard work and music! 파이팅 (Hwaiting)!

— Ashley Park

From left: BTS’s V, RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, and Jungkook. | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Clearly, she is a true fan. So, when RM and V both shared her performance on Instagram, she did what anyone of us would have done… She fangirled.

Since, she has even added an entire Instagram Stories highlight called “dynamite,” including both members’ posts about her “Dynamite” cover.

| @ashleyparklady/Instagram

Additionally, she has expressed sincere gratitude to both RM and V for supporting her with another Instagram Stories post.

Truly speechless that members of BTS have shared the @emilyinparis ‘Dynamite’ performance. Truly means so much to me, I have such respect for @bts.bighitofficial for all they do as artists and especially as Koreans on a global scale… so singing their song was gift enough. Taehyung and Namjoon, I’m so happy you enjoyed this cover as much as I love your music and getting to sing it. Next time, come to Paris and hopefully, we can sing together.

— Ashley Park

| @ashleyparklady/Instagram

We love to see a successful fan!

Watch her interview with MTV below:

Ashley Park isn’t the only Emily in Paris cast member to show love to the BTS members. V’s favorite actress, Lily Collins, who portrays the titular character, also posted on Instagram. Read about it here:

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Source: MTV and @ashleyparklady

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