Netflix’s “Risqué Business: Japan” Is Under Fire For Praising Adult Video Stars Despite Adult Videos Being Illegal In Korea

They compare it to praising marijuana on TV when it is an illegal substance in Korea.

Netflix‘s new variety show Risqué Business: Japan is under fire for bringing in adult videos (AV) as a subject matter when AV distribution is illegal in Korea and sexual exploitation of AV actors is an ongoing issue.

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Hosted by comedian Shin Dong Yup and singer Sung Si KyungRisqué Business: Japan explores the sex industry through interviews with AV actors and visiting various adult shops in Japan. In the six-episode series, the two hosts tested out adult VR rooms and interviewed employees at adult shops to learn more about sex toys. They also talked with young Japanese people to discuss and compare how dating, marriage, and sex cultures differ between Japan and Korea.

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The show’s concept itself is not viewed as a significant problem, as it is not the first time a TV show has gained attention for its “taboo” topics. For example, JTBC‘s Witch Hunt is a show that openly discusses sex and relationships, and it was well-received by the public.

The cast of “Witch Hunt” | JTBC

The problem was that they brought in AVs as a subject matter. In a few episodes, AV actors and actresses were interviewed and shone in a positive light; an AV actress shared they could buy all the luxury bags she wanted, and another shared that her salary is equivalent to the cost of a Porsche.

AV actress Mao Hamasaki being interviewed | Netflix

Although AVs are a massive part of the sex industry that can’t be left out of a show centered around sex, the public pointed out that the distribution of AV is illegal in Korea. In addition, the issue of sexual exploitation of AV actors has been raised.

Despite the darkness of the industry, Risqué Business: Japan discussed the AV industry with positivity, claiming that AV reduced sexual crime rates without accurate data. The public felt that the production team dealt with this content with no critical attitude and only focused on its entertainment value, praising the AV actors as great talents. They felt similarly about the discussion of host bars in Risqué Business: Japan, where the show praised successful male hosts.

Male hosts on “Risqué Business: Japan” | Netflix

Some people compared the situation to another illegal substance in Korea: marijuana. They felt that seeing the AV industry promoted on the show was like watching a Korean entertainment show freely talking about the positive aspects of marijuana while it is an illegal substance in Korea.

Cannabis which is illegal in Korea | AFP

This isn’t the only controversy surrounding the show. Recently, Shin Dong Yup was under fire for hosting Risqué Business: Japan while also appearing on different family programs such as Amazing Saturday and Animal Farm—and netizens requested him to leave the shows as it was inappropriate to have someone known as the “porn ahjussi” represent the shows.

Comedian Shin Dong Yup | SBS

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