“So Not Worth It” Directors Reveal What You Can Expect From The Korean Sitcom

“These eight kids are so cute and lovely.”

Netflix‘s highly anticipated K-Drama So Not Worth It is finally releasing this week! Directors Kwon Ik Joon and Kim Jung Sik shared what viewers can expect from the sitcom in a featurette from The Swoon.

This diverse drama focuses on a multinational group of students who live in a Seoul university dorm. The star-studded ensemble cast includes Park Se Wan, Shin Hyun Seung, Han Hyun Min (African Korean model), and some of our K-Pop favorites (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie and GOT7‘s Youngjae.

So Not Worth It poster | Netflix

This will definitely be a K-Drama unlike any other, as it is actually more of a sitcom. Viewers can be guaranteed a relatable experience through watching the various characters living their lives.

It’s about young people’s active lives. It’s about enjoying and living life like there’s no tomorrow. Having no regrets. Love yourself.

— Kwon Ik Joon

They also ensured that there will be lots of laughs! Kim Jung Sik said, “I just hope people will laugh and enjoy this show.” He hopes that the mix of genres throughout So Not Worth It and its diverse cast resonates with viewers.

We’ve applied different styles to make it a well-made masterpiece. I hope this show becomes the one that represents Korea and people everywhere love it.

— Kim Jung Sik

They both emphasized how essential chemistry plays in the creation of a sitcom. Luckily, their cast got along well!

Each person’s personality and color, the charm of a character, the chemistry between them, and how you mix those well together is the key of the sitcom.

— Kwon Ik Joon

Kim Jung Sik revealed that, depending on the actor, they would even later adapt the script to fit them based on their natural charms.

When building characters, everyone has personal charm. We try to find that personal charm and different sides of the characters.

— Kim Jung Sik

While Kim Jung Sik praised all of the actors, he revealed that Youngjae and Minnie, whose fans have been especially excited to see act, were incredibly natural. He said, “Their acting was very natural even though it was their first time.” 

A fun yet authentic sitcom is what the directors hoped to create, so they requested the staff “to let the actors have fun on set.” Kim Jung Sik said, “I just wanted them to have a good time.”

It seemed to have paid off for them because Kwon Ik Joon revealed that he could feel how special it was even during the editing process!

Watching them while editing, these eight kids are so cute and lovely. So I personally think if you watch a few episodes, you might fall for them.

— Kwon Ik Joon

So Not Worth It will premiere on Netflix on June 18.

You can watch the full featurette below:

Source: The Swoon and Netflix Korea