Here’s The Mind-Blowing Total Number Of Hours People Spent Watching Netflix’s “Squid Game”

It’s more than you might think!

According to a report by Bloomberg, Squid GameNetflix‘s biggest series launch—is worth nearly $900 million USD.

| Netflix

Unlike typical movie studios and TV networks, Netflix generates sales through new releases that aim to capture the attention of customers. The company determines the value of individual shows by relying on data based on what people are watching.

Using a metric called “impact value” to assess a show’s performance, Squid Game brought in a whopping $891.1 million USD! Considering that it cost them only $21.4 million USD to produce, it is one of their most lucrative investments to date.

| Netflix

In the same document that Bloomberg reviewed, they found that an estimated 132 million people have watched at least two minutes of Squid Game in the first 23 days of its release.

Furthermore, around 89% of people who started the show viewed at least 75 minutes of it, which accounts for over one episode. Another 66% (87 million people) finished it within 23 days of its release.

Overall, 1.4 billion hours were spent watching Squid Game.

| Netflix

No wonder it’s the most popular series on the streaming platform!

Source: Bloomberg