Netizens Accuse Red Velvet’s Wendy Of Double Eyelid Surgery

Fans responded.

Red Velvet‘s Wendy was accused of undergoing double eyelid surgery when a netizen uploaded a photo from her debut days.

“Wendy got double eyelid surgery.

It’s not too much. She got it done to look naturally pretty.”

— Netizen


They also uploaded a gif of Wendy from more current times to compare her double eyelids. Other K-Netizens began commenting about how it really looked as if she had undergone cosmetic procedures.

  • “Wow she really did it ha”
  • “Even if she did, she’s still not pretty”
  • “She looks completely different.”
  • “She clearly did something to it.”


But ReVeluvs were quick to defend her, claiming that her double eyelids never changed since pre-debut.


One fan uploaded a photo of Wendy during the same day, showing that she indeed had double eyelids since then. The op photo’s angle only made it look as though her double eyelids were missing.


Many also asserted that the change of makeup styles made her double eyelids look different.

  • “It’s only because her makeup style and eyebrows were different. If she did get double eyelid surgery, it’d have been an issue a long time ago..”
  • “It just looks like she changed her makeup style. Her eyebrows are different and her eye makeup is different!”
  • “Those photos don’t prove any rumors of double eyelid surgery. I know because my eyes are shaped like hers… If I draw eyeliner, it makes me eyes look smaller… So I only use eyeshadow now to make it look bigger.”


On top of that, fans claimed that her recent weight loss could have also changed the shape of her eyelids.

  • “It’s the same… Stop spreading rumors… It’s because she lost weight”
  • “Hmm? I can’t tell if her double eyelids changed but doesn’t it look different because she lost weight?”
  • “She changed her makeup + she lost weight”


All in all, fans were unconvinced of the rumors as Red Velvet members barely had any time off since their debut, meaning that Wendy wouldn’t even have had the time to recover from an double eyelid procedure.

  • “Did she even have time to get double eyelid surgery?”
  • “You know that she didn’t get anything done because if you look at photos from their ’Be Natural’ days, she has the same double eyelids. And she’s never had time to rest since debuting so how could she have had the time to get them done?”
  • “Don’t make up your own delusional conclusions ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
Source: Nate Pann

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