Netizen Claims “Heart Signal 3” Lee Ga Heun Violently Traumatized Both Her and Her Mother

“It’s been 12 years already, but the pain still feels real.” – Ms. A

Sports Kyunghyang held an exclusive interview with a netizen, Ms. A who is claiming to have been a victim of violence in the hands of Heart Signal 3 contestant, Lee Ga Heun.

According to the report, Ms. A has been sued by Lee Ga Heun for defamation and the spreading of false rumors and is currently suffering from secondary harm due to the accusation that she’s being dishonest.

In addition, Ms. A’s identity was exposed on the same day she made the post accusing Lee Ga Heun of her wrongdoings.

Ms. A explained that she was further hurt by the internet terror instigated by Lee Ga Heun’s friends as well as the non-action taken by Channel A.

Furthermore, she claimed that there is a total of 3 victims, but false rumors are being spread that there is only 1 victim coming forward.

She expressed that her, as well as the two other victims, are preparing to take legal action against Lee Ga Heun.

Ms. A also added that in addition to committing violence against her during school, Lee Ga Heun also cursed at her mother.

It’s been 12 years already, but the pain still feels real. When my mother and I talk about Lee Ga Heun even now, our heads go blank and we break down into tears.

– Ms. A

Ms. A continued, “Lee Ga Heun bullied me in a constant and elaborate way. She bullied me in a way that was too cruel for her age.

But according to Ms. A, when they ran into each other upon entering college, Lee Ga Heun confessed she remembered but made it sound like it was no big deal.

I met her at a school reunion, and she made it sound like some casual memory by saying, ‘I don’t know why I did that to you back then.’ The school violence she inflicted upon me is still harassing me to this day.

– Ms. A

Ahead of this interview, Ms. A posted that Lee Ga Heun severely bullied her back in school, and although two other victims supported her claims, Channel A stated that the claims were false and proceeded with the broadcast.

Source: Dispatch