Soccer Players Cho Gue Sung And Lee Kang In’s Moment At FIFA World Cup 2022 Mistaken For A BL K-Drama

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The Korean national soccer team might be out of the FIFA World Cup 2022 now, but they have made a lasting impact on the internet.

Not only did “Player 9” Cho Gue Sung (also romanized as Cho Gue Seung) become the internet’s boyfriend, but a moment between him and his teammate has recently gone viral.

Cho Gue Sung

After the game, Cho Gue Sung gave “Player 18” Lee Kang In a quick kiss on the lips before hugging him in celebration. The video went viral with 5.7M views and 81.5K likes at the time of writing.

A netizen’s repost of the video also went viral with 41K likes. They captioned it, “suddenly im into sports.”

Netizens were loving the fruity vibes between the soccer teammates.

Yet, one netizen’s comment is garnering just as much attention as the OP (original poster). They mistook the moment as a scene from a BL (Boy Love) drama.

They asked what the name of the BL was. Some amusingly replied that it was the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Another pointed out that this “BL” surely has fan fiction and art inspired by it now. We’re all invested by now!

A netizen’s post of their screenshot of the hilarious comments went viral too. The tweet below has 188.1K likes at the time of writing, which is more than the original!

This viral moment between Cho and Lee has reminded us of many other moments from soccer matches that appeared straight out of a BL! Netizens shared some of their favorites.


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