Netizen Outrage Toward BPM Entertainment Grows As VIVIZ’s SinB and Umji Cancel Hi-Touch Event Appearance Due To “Poor Condition”

“You should have canceled the schedule to begin with.”

The We Bridge Music Festival & Expo is underway in Las Vegas, Nevada. The three-day event features hi-touch events, interviews, and music from an impressive line-up of K-Pop artists, including MONSTA XDreamcatcherBamBamENHYPENVIVIZ, and more.

The festival is taking place only days after ASTRO Moonbin‘s tragic passing, a loss felt throughout the industry and worldwide as his family, fellow members, friends, and fans mourn.

We Bridge Music Festival & Expo announced they would be honoring Moonbin with a special tribute on Friday, with a moment of silence and a “Light Up Tribute.”

As the festival proceeds as planned, netizens continue to voice frustrations with the festival and BPM Entertainment (also known as Big Planet Made) for VIVIZ’s participation.

The VIVIZ members are known to be close to ASTRO’s Moonbin. SinB grew up with ASTRO’s Moonbin as a childhood friend, and they’re in a tight-knit friend group with some of K-Pop’s fellow ’98-liners, including VIVIZ’s Umji.

VIVIZ’s SinB (left) and ASTRO’s Moonbin (right)

VIVIZ was pictured en route to the festival and broke fans’ hearts as they appeared solemn, dressed in all black ahead of their flight.

Netizens voiced their concerns for the members and outrage as it was discovered the VIVIZ members would be missing Moonbin’s funeral due to their participation in the We Bridge Music Festival & Expo not being canceled.

After netizens’ initial outrage, it was announced that VIVIZ would not be participating in the planned GRAMMY Museum interview and the red carpet event due to the artists’ “current conditions.”

| @VIVIZ_official/Twitter

Learning VIVIZ was able to sit out of those events did little to satisfy netizens’ disappointment in their company and the festival and, instead, continued to garner backlash.

Hours later, it was also announced that members SinB and Umji wouldn’t participate in VIVIZ’s scheduled hi-touch event, leaving Eunha to participate in the event on her own.

| @VIVIZ_official/Twitter

Netizens continue to express their outrage at the company’s and festival’s lack of consideration for the VIVIZ members in their time of mourning.

At this time, VIVIZ is still scheduled to perform at the We Bridge Music Festival & Expo concert.

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