VIVIZ Fans Are Frustrated With BPM Entertainment And “We Bridge Music Festival” For Not Canceling VIVIZ’s Upcoming Performance

“… Holding a tribute while forcing his best friends to still perform.”

The K-Pop industry is mourning after the tragic passing of ASTRO‘s Moonbin on April 19, 2023. Many scheduled events have been canceled, while other shows that were still broadcast honored Moonbin’s memory.

We will forever remember all the moments we had together with the late Moonbin, who was a singer that shone brightly like a star on stage.

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The We Bridge Music Festival, which is being held in Las Vegas on April 21-23, is proceeding as planned, but the official Twitter account announced that the event would include a tribute to Moonbin.

| @WeBridgeExpo/Twitter

But now, netizens are voicing their frustration with the We Bridge Music Festival and BPM Entertainment (VIVIZ’s agency). Although fans were initially excited to see VIVIZ perform at the music festival, they now wish the group’s appearance would be canceled.

VIVIZ’s SinB has been close friends with Moonbin since they were young and lived in apartments next to each other. The two started modeling together and even attended the same dance academy before debuting as idols. Even after debuting, SinB and Moonbin continually showed off their endearing and playful friendship.

VIVIZ’s Umji was also close to Moonbin as SinB, Moonbin, and she were all a part of a ’98-line friend group that even appeared on broadcasts together.

However, despite how close SinB and Umji are with Moonbin, they had to travel to Las Vegas on April 21. All of VIVIZ wore black to honor Moonbin, but fans again voiced concerns after seeing how distressed SinB and Umji appeared.

Although fans understand that it can be difficult for artists to cancel schedules, fans are upset for VIVIZ. They are voicing their frustration with BPM Entertainment for having their artists still attend the music festival and We Bridge Music Festival for keeping VIVIZ in the line-up.

Especially since We Bridge Music Festival understands the need for a tribute.

Fans are hoping that VIVIZ will be as okay as possible during their performance.

We hope VIVIZ will find comfort in their fans and soon have time to mourn their friend and take care of their well-being.

You can read more about SinB and Moonbin’s precious friendship here.

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