“Moonbin, You’re So Loved.” — Various Korean Shows Pay Their Respects To ASTRO’s Moonbin

From Melon to “Show Champion,” many express their sorrow.

ASTRO‘s Moonbin recently passed away on April 19, 2023. While fellow stars mourn his passing, various shows and broadcasting channels have also begun to pay their respects to the star. In particular, most shows involving K-Pop and K-Pop idols have expressed their heartfelt condolences.

1. “M!Countdown”

M!Countdown took a moment during the broadcast to express their condolences for Moonbin on the screen.

We will forever remember all the moments we had together with the late Moonbin, who was a singer that shone brightly like a star on stage.

— Moonbin

2. “Boys Planet”

The survival audition show held their finals the very next night after the news broke out. As the scale of the finals was huge, with many fans flying in, they were unable to cancel or postpone the show last minute. Instead, they took a moment of silence for the star.

M!net contestants and production team remembers the late Moonbin.

Boys Planet

3. “Dream Concert”

Moonbin and Sanha had recently been announced as an act for Dream Concert 2023. They sent their respects out to him.

We express our deep sorrow and condolences at the news regarding ASTRO’s Moonbin. May he rest in peace.

Dream Concert

4. “Show Champion”

Music show Show Champion expressed their heartfelt sorrow. He had been an MC with the show along with Sanha.

Moonbin and Sanha on Show Champion. | Show Champion

The 2 years and 8 months with Moonbin were very warm, and we are thankful for it. We will forever remember the many seasons we spent happily because we were together. We will not forget your shining passion. Rest in peace.

Show Champion

5. “Idol Radio”

We will always remember your shining moments, forever since your Wild Roses Boys days. The precious time we spent together was a comfort to us. Rest in peace.

Idol Radio

6. “All The Kpop”

Thank you for being with us. We were happy. We will remember your warm, spring-like smile. Rest in peace.

All The Kpop

7. Melon

Music distributor Melon also had warm words.

ASTRO’s Moonbin suddenly left the world to become an everlasting star. Moonbin was loved by many including his fans, since his debut in 2016. We express our deep sorrow at the regretful news and wish our condolences.

— Melon

Many shows and idol groups have already announced the cancellation or postponement of their scheduled items. Read more about them below.

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