A Veteran Girl Group’s Recent Performance Outfits Gain Attention For Transforming The Styling Of “Sexy” And “Provocative” Clothes

“The original outfit looked so trashy but…”

Although K-Pop is known for over-the-top outfits, female idols tend to be criticized if they are seen wearing clothes that are deemed too sexy.

One group gaining praise for their styling of “sexy” and “provocative” pieces is VIVIZ.

Members of VIVIZ | @VIVIZ_official/Twitter

After promoting their hit track “MANIAC,” VIVIZ has been performing their new track “Untie.” As expected, it is truly iconic, and the members’ stage presence and talent are on another level. In particular, the outfits have stolen the hearts of fans by showing a sexier side to the idols.


Yet, while Korean netizens often look down on looks that are deemed “trashy,” “sexy,” and “provocative, a forum showed it was far from the truth. In photos, netizens shared what the VIVIZ members looked like wearing the outfits.

Eunha seemingly had the most provocative pieces that the stylist worked with, but when put together, the idol radiated her fairy visuals while looking badass.

| theqoo
VIVIZ’s Eunha | theqoo

Similarly, the main piece of one of SinB‘s outfits was definitely provocative and sexy. Yet, when combined with the pants, it gave her a “Lara Croft” aura.

| theqoo
VIVIZ’s SinB | theqoo

Although Umji‘s pieces weren’t as provocative, they definitely wouldn’t be worn alone by idols. The power of layering allowed the look to be fully complete.

| theqoo
VIVIZ’s Umji

It meant that when netizens commented on the post, they were full of praise for VIVIZ styling. In the comments, netizens shared how they were initially worried by the “trashy” nature of the outfits, but the members actually looked beautiful. They particularly praised the stylist for being able to take such outgoing pieces and style them perfectly.

  • “Wow, the original outfit looked so trashy…”
  • “When I saw the outfit on the right, I thought that it was really bad, but I am smiling after seeing the outfit on the left. They performed well, too.”
  • “So that’s what it takes to be an idol stylist, huh? They’re great, LOL.”
  • “Wow, just looking at the model cut, I would have cursed, thinking how are they supposed to wear that, but it was coordinated nicely. Wow, the coordinator is really good.”
  • “The stylist turned what was really trashy into something really cool.”
  • “Wow, the stylist is amazing, LOL. How did they coordinate the outfit like this?”

Normally, Korean netizens are very harsh on female idols and their outfits. Yet, the praise the looks have got showcases how good the stylists are and that the members’ beauty and elegance are so great that they can pull off any outfit.

Source: theqoo