Netizen Posts Petition Calling For Prosecutors To Charge Actress Lee Sun Bin With Obstruction Of Justice

Lee Sun Bin is alleged to have lied to prosecutor in a previous case.

A netizen posted a petition calling for prosecutors to charge actress Lee Sun Bin with obstruction of justice.

Lee Sun Bin | @sunbin_eyesmag/Instagram

On January 16, a petition was posted on the National Petition Page. The page was first started by former Korean President Moon Jae In, in his attempt to listen to the people’s voices. Currently, a petition needs 50K signatures within 30 days of being posted to be answered by a National Assembly member.

The netizen who authored the post wrote that Lee Sun Bin should be held responsible for allegedly lying to prosecutors during two separate court cases involving her former agency.

Recently I was distraught after reading actress Lee XX’s article. I think many people who lost a lot of money holding Imagine Asia stocks read the article with the same feeling.

Witness testimony is given to help prosecutors discover the truth, but the guilty person told lies without being charged, and due to this, the victims have to shed tears of blood.

The bigger issue is that there is no consequence for obstructing justice, and therefore in some cases, it is more advantageous to tell lies to prosecutors.

The fact that, in reality (a person) can lie to prosecutors and then proudly reveal this without any consequence is truly regrettable.

— Netizen

Earlier, the media outlet The Fact reported that in a case in which Imagine Asia was suing an “Executive Byun” for canceling the actress’s contract during a merger process only to re-sign her to WYD Entertainment, Lee Sun Bin stated that the executive had nothing to do with WYD Entertainment. In 2021, however, in a case in which Executive Byun was suing “Mr. Seo” over ownership of WYD Entertainment, Lee Sun Bin testified that WYD Entertainment belonged to Executive Byun. The media outlet alleged that Lee Sun Bin’s testimony had a direct influence on Imagine Asia’s stock price and led to many losing money.

When asked why she had lied, Lee Sun Bin is alleged to have told prosecutors that she was instructed to because the case was difficult for her label to win.

During Imagine Asia’s first case, it was difficult for us to win. At the time, “B” told me if I told the truth, the case might be decided against us and that I should testify like this.

— Lee Sun Bin’s alleged response

Previously, Lee Sun Bin denied that Imagine Asia’s subsequent delisting was due to her testimony. The actress uploaded several news articles, which at the time pointed to the company’s mismanagement and its executive’s embezzlement as the cause of the company’s downfall.

And you say that (the label) was delisted because of me? Are you saying I said these things? Please learn more about that company and the case before writing an article! It is because of these reasons (the company) was delisted.

— Lee Sun Bin

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Source: wikitree