Netizens Can’t Choose Between RIIZE Wonbin’s Long And Short Hair

He just looks too good with any hair style!

Previously, SM Entertainment’s rookie development team congratulated RIIZE on winning multiple awards at the 33rd Seoul Music Awards. They released past trainee photos of the group to celebrate, which received much attention online. Netizens were surprised to see Wonbin with short hair, as he debuted with his signature long hair.

RIIZE’s Wonbin | SM Entertainment

Most recently, an SM official posted a video of Wonbin shooting his profile photo shoot from his trainee days.

K-Netizens that saw the video were divided on the short hair, as some still felt his long hair suited him better.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “I think his long hair suits him better.”
  • “The short hair emphasizes his features more, but why is it that I am attracted to his long hair….”
  • “Wow so handsome…”
  • “How can a trainee look like that…so freaking handsome.”
  • “So good-looking, I’m all for the short hair.”
  • “The long hair is better.”
  • “The short hair suits his face better, but the long hair is unique.”
  • “I like the short hair better too.”
  • “The long hair is pretty unique. But he’s good looking regardless.”

Meanwhile, global fans were loving the shorter style and agreed they would love to see him with it again!

What are your thoughts? What’s your preferred hairstyle on Wonbin?

Source: theqoo