Netizens Are Praising Shin Hye Sun’s Stellar Acting Ability in Her New Film “Innocence”

“Shin Hye Sun’s acting was so good that I almost cried with a fist in my mouth.” – Netizen

Shin Hye Sun made her long-anticipated comeback through her new film, Innocence, and netizens are raving about her stellar acting ability in the film.

The film is about a woman played by Shin Hye Sun who fights to prove her mother’s innocence after she was wrongly accused of killing someone at her father’s funeral.

She acted alongside veteran actors, Bae Jong Ok and Heo Joon Ho, greatly raising the anticipation among viewers.

And they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Following the release of the film, netizens took to online communities to rave about Shin Hye Sun’s stellar acting in the film.

Some of the comments include,

Shin Hye Sun’s acting was so good. I got so into it.

The supporting actors were very good. I’m going to watch it one more time.

I got really into it especially because it’s based on a true story. Shin Hye Sun’s acting was amazing and I was tense throughout the whole film.

This is the first good film I’ve watched in a while. I got really into it, and Shin Hye Sun’s acting was so good that I almost cried with a fist in my mouth. I strongly recommend it.

Stellar performance by Shin Hye Sun. It’s even more chilling on the big screen! I support you!

– Netizens

It was definitely worth waiting for, not to mention the acting of the amazing actors!

I really look forward to Shin Hye Sun’s acting.

Shin Hye Sun’s acting is so good!

– Netizens

Netizens are praising Shin Hye Sun and the rest of the cast of the film so strongly that international fans are hoping it becomes available overseas as well.

Congratulations to Shin Hye Sun and the film for a successful premiere!

Source: Insight