Netizens Accuse Another Rising Singer Of Chart Manipulation

“They are seriously overdoing it now.”

Another indie artist, OVAN, has begun to receive attention from netizens for his rapidly rising song in the music charts.


OVAN released a new single titled “Twenty” featuring SHAUN, the singer who netizens believe used chart manipulation to achieve top rankings in the music charts.

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In less than a day, OVAN’s new song reached #10 on the Melon Charts.


And although some believe that this impressive ranking may have been influenced by the fact that the song featured SHAUN, who has since gained more and more recognition, others are convinced that this is another case of sajaegi (chart manipulation).


Netizens have discovered that the song was recommended on a popular Facebook account that introduces new music, the same page that recommended SHAUN’s “Way Back Home” back when it was on the rise.


In fact, back when the account recommended SHAUN’s “Way Back Home”, the Facebook account had also recommended a song of OVAN’s as well.


Netizens have even created a chart that includes the rise in chart rankings of artists who have previously been involved in chart manipulation scandals. OVAN is by far the fastest rising artist so far, having reached #10 within just 7 hours.


Although nothing has been confirmed and OVAN’s agency has yet to release any statements, netizens continue to have their doubts about OVAN’s rapid rise on the charts.

  • “I want to stop doubting them, but this keeps happening from the same company…”
  • “They are seriously overdoing it now.”
  • “They’re just doing it blatantly.”
  • “Seriously? Now the chart is vertical. That company has got some balls..”
  • “Yea and a little later, they’ll be like ‘But the song is pretty good’ and cover up the whole thing like they did with SHAUN.”
Source: Pann Nate