Netizens Continue To Raise Anger After A Fourth-Generation Female Idol Is Sexualized – Following Previous Complaints

“This show is truly disgusting…”

Earlier in the month, host Tak Jae Hoon was called out after a teaser of his show with Cignature‘s Jeewon was released. With the video released, netizens continued to show their anger for the video deemed to sexualize the idol.

Cignature’s Jeewon

On August 17, Cignature’s Twitter promoted a teaser of Jeewon’s appearance on a YouTube series. After seeing the clip that they believed sexualized the idol, many shared their anger on social media toward the show and the group’s company for promoting the video.

Yet, while very few fans had hopes that it was just a matter of evil editing or being taken out of context, the full episode was recently released, and netizens are even angrier by the actions of the hosts.

When the full video was released, netizens couldn’t hide their anger when, along with speaking about Jeewon’s presence at the WATERBOMB Festival, they even showed images of the idol’s fancams, seemingly those that drew attention to her chest area.

In particular, one of the hosts even inferred that it was a shame that they were pictures rather than videos or GIFs.

While Jeewon didn’t show any outward signs of being uncomfortable, even shaking the photo as a joke to make it seem like a video, netizens couldn’t hide how angry they were.

Even the thumbnail unsurprisingly had a lot of negative comments from fans after showing Jeewon standing in a position that seemingly drew attention to her chest.

When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t believe that the actual content released was even more sexualizing than the teaser, with many criticizing the company for promoting the content. In particular, many shared that considering the backlash the teaser received a while back, the company should’ve taken steps to respond to the criticism.

Netizens want action or some response from either the hosts or the company because, while it might just be lighthearted humor for them, many fans feel it is unsuitable and inappropriate.

You can read more about the initial anger below.

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Source: 노빠꾸탁재훈 and @cignature_j9