Netizens Raise Anger As Sexy Concept Group GIRL CRUSH Performs Explicit With A Member Who Is A Minor

“Not only are they exploiting her, but they lied about it…”

Recently, sexy concept group GIRL CRUSH has come under fire after it was revealed that the group has been performing explicit and inappropriate performances with an under-age member. In particular, netizens raised anger when the company had previously denied it would happen.

GIRL CRUSH is known for their provocative and sexy concept | @nugupromoter/Twitter

Contrary to the name of the group, GIRL CRUSH has a very mature concept. The group was first founded in 2019. They are a dance performance group with a sexy concept that has been around since 2019. The group currently consists of three members, TaeriZia, and Bomi.

| 걸그룹 걸크러쉬girl-crush official/YouTube
| 걸그룹 걸크러쉬girl-crush official/YouTube 

Yet, in May, the group came under fire after the Twitter account @Nugupromoter shared that the newest member of the group was allegedly going to be Hayun, a former member of BABA & BLAZE who was born in 2005.

After the allegations, the same Twitter account revealed that the agency HW Entertainment released a statement about the issue.

Although they denied Hayun was the newest member, the statement had a vague stance that emphasized that she was training with the group and that they would wait for Hayun to be of legal age before she joined the group.

The initial statement about Hayun | @nugupromoter/Twitter

The statement was far from what netizens wanted to hear and they continued to voice their anger that Hayun would still be practicing and performing this concept, and it was just a matter of the company waiting for Hayun to become of “legal age.” Others explained that just because she would be legal, it didn’t change her maturity.

Despite assurances that Hayun wouldn’t be performing until she was of age, the company seems to have gone back on that promise.

Twitter account @Nugupromoter, who previously shared the information, recently posted that Hayun had recently been performing with the group.

Also, despite being a minor and not an “official” member, Hayun was seen wearing very provocative clothing similar to the much older members. Due to Hayun being underage, they blurred the performer out for her safety.

Photos of GIRLS CRUSH performing with Hayun (whose outfit is blurred) | @nugupromoter/Twitter
| @nugupromoter/Twitter

If that wasn’t bad enough, the user also explained that Hayun was involved in appropriate covers doing the same sexy choreography as the members.

| @nugupromoter/Twitter
| @nugupromoter/Twitter

Allegedly, the group also performed a cover of Cardi B’s “WAP” and added moaning to the audio, which can have more sexual meanings.

The user also pointed out that, after their first post addressing the issue, they had been contacted by the group asking to take it down. Adding that Hayun is 18 (although that is not true in international age) and that she would not be wearing the same outfits as the members or anything deemed “sexy.”

The DM from the Twitter account | @nugupromoter/Twitter

When the thread was posted, netizens’ anger seemed even more prominent than the initial allegations. Many pointed out that the group was using the Korean age system to allow Hayun to perform, and others even explained that the industry erupts over bullying scandals but not when it comes to exploiting minors.

Many even pointed out that those involved should be arrested or investigated due to the issues.

In the past, most netizens have blamed the agencies. However, GIRL CRUSH is different as the group was created by member Bomi and they all have a say in the members, concepts, and outfits. For many, this makes it worse to think that other women are involved in “exploiting” a minor.

For many, the statement released by GIRL CRUSH was proof that the issue of minors debuting or being sexualized is still a huge issue in the K-Pop industry. Now that Hayun has been seen with the group performing, it shows that the issue of young idols and performers is not taken seriously.

You can read more about the issue and the initial statement below.

Netizens Raise Anger At Sexy Concept Group GIRL CRUSH’s Statement Addressing The Addition Of A Minor To Their Lineup

Source: @nugupromoter