Netizens Bring Back What They Think Is AOA Seolhyun’s Most Legendary Visual Era, And You Might Just Agree

Seolhyun in every era is stunning, but netizens believe this was when she was unbelievably breathtaking!

AOA‘s Seolhyun is a beauty whose visuals are always hailed as top-notch, and netizens have brought back what they think is her most legendary photo era!

Seolhyun | @sh_9513/Instagram

Seolhyun is known for her gorgeous face and sexy proportions, and she has slayed in every single AOA comeback era, from “Miniskirt”, to “Heart Attack”, and finally, “Come See Me”!

Her visuals have been top-tier each time, but netizens believe that Seolhyun’s most legendary era was when the group promoted “Bingle Bangle” in 2019!

They held a fansigning event for their comeback, and Seolhyun’s fan-taken photos at the event went absolutely viral everywhere!

“Bingle Bangle” was a summer comeback, and Seolhyun adhered to the theme completely! Dressed in a sleeveless, cream-colored crop top with denim shorts, she looked the picture of summer-ready!

She flaunted her unreal proportions in the outfit, and drove fans wild with her visuals!

She even gave them a little fanservice with a red scarf!

Seolhyun also put on glasses…

…and stunned with how good she looked in them!

She looked so good with a yellow band on her hair…

…and also with a blue bow!

This visual queen gets prettier everyday!

Source: theqoo