Netizens Are Appalled After Learning How Actor Kim Soo Hyun Was Humiliated And Replaced On “Boys Over Flowers”

The actor was humiliated in front of the other actors.

Fans are shocked to learn that Kim Soo Hyun, one of Korea’s top actors, was kicked out of the legendary drama Boys Over Flowers.

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On May 16, a post titled “Kim Soo Hyun Was Replaced While Reading For Boys Over Flowers” went viral. In the post, the author uploaded several photos from a reading session with the drama’s actors.

Fans were shocked, however, to see that a young Kim Soo Hyun was among the actors reading at the table! Unfortunately for the actor, during the reading, he was scolded by the director and eventually replaced by another actor. The translations for the captions are available below.

  • “The lively reading session for Boys Over Flowers!”
  • “Oh…”

  • “(Kim Soo Hyun makes an appearance) In front of the director, writer, and actors… He is currently acting out the script after reading and understanding it on his own with Goo Hye Sun.”
  • “All of a sudden, the director scolds Kim Soo Hyun and tells him he is doing it wrong… ㅠㅠ. The director tells the actor not to be too eager… ㅠ0ㅠ.”

  • “Kim Soo Hyun seems to be slightly shocked and is stiff… ㅠ^ㅠ.
  • “The actors around him laugh after listening to the director scold him… F@ck. Soo Hyunnie is frozen… ㅠ_ㅠ”

  • “Kim Soo Hyun gets another opportunity to act but… The director seemed not like his acting ㅠㅠ.”
  • “Eventually the role was given to Jung Eui Chul ㅠㅠ.”

  • Eventually Soo Hyun was replaced and left ㅠㅠ. Oh my… (The Japanese caption reads: The rookie actor was left out of the role)

Netizens reacted to the post by consoling the actor. Many expressed dismay over the way Kim Soo Hyun was humiliated by the director in front of the other actors.

  • “The director doesn’t have an eye for talent. Why is he humiliating him? Even if he was going to replace him, he should have done so humanely. Why is he criticizing the actor?”
  • “If that was me, I would have gotten so much trauma, LOL. I am week mentally…”
  • “Wow, he even read for the script with other actors, but he must have been so scarred. I think they are cruel to rookie and unknown actors.”
  • “ㅠㅠ, My heart hurts.”
  • “My heart hurts every time I watched this. Couldn’t he have replaced the actor more respectfully? Is there a reason he had humiliate him like this?”
  • “Kim Soo Hyun is probably the best actor there, LOL.”
  • “Why would you replace him on the (reading) set? This is too much ㅠㅠ.”

It seems the director really didn’t have an eye for talent as Kim Soo Hyun has now established himself as one of the top actors in Korea!

Source: theqoo
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