Netizens arrested for malicious comments against Super Junior’s Leeteuk

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk provides a follow-up to his followers after asking fans for their help collecting evidence against malicious commenters in early April 2015.

On April 14th, Leeteuk had posted on his Twitter account, “I am collecting data. I am gathering everything from circulation of false information, continuous malicious rumors, and especially malicious comments regarding my family on the internet. I will be thankful if you could find usernames, posts and screenshots for me. Please send them to”

True to his word, the Super Junior leader took legal action and revealed on August 13th via his Twitter account, “Thanks to everyone’s help, investigations are coming to an end. The police are messaging me saying they have caught a few culprits. If these problems present themselves again, I plan to take the same action.”

He continues, “I’ve never gone against the law and I’m working hard and just living life. Still these maliciuos comments are everywhere so I have decided not to stop but pursue them harder.”

Similarly, Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon has recently asked help from fans as well to collect screenshots and other evidences of malicious comments made towards her and is preparing to take legal action. Additionally, agency DSP Media also posted their own warnings to take legal action against netizens who post and spreads false rumors against their artists.