Netizens Joke That One Artist “Didn’t Leave” The Stage At The 2023 “The Fact Music Awards” Because He Won So Many Awards

If you didn’t know him before, you do now!

On October 10, some of the biggest artists in K-Pop gathered for the 2023 The Fact Music Awards.

NewJeans receiving an award | THE FACT/YouTube
IVE receiving an award | THE FACT/YouTube
SEVENTEEN receiving an award | THE FACT/YouTube

Even though they weren’t in attendance, and with members in the army, BTS picked up the most awards as a group, with personal wins for both V and Jimin as well.

Yet, there was one person who seemingly couldn’t even leave the stage without coming back minutes later, and it was none other than trot singer Lim Young Woong.

Trot singer Lim Young Woong | @im_hero____/Instagram

He is known as one of the most dangerous men in K-Pop and strikes fear into fandoms if he is due to have a comeback at the same time as their favorites. Lim Young Woong is known for his strong fanbase, and it seems like they came to represent him, as the idol seemingly couldn’t leave the stage during the event.

The first time fans saw Lim Young Woong was when he won the “FAN N STAR Choice Award – Most Votes (Solo),” and he was greeted with huge cheers.

But within minutes, the singer returned to accept a second award for “FAN N STAR Choice Award – Solo.”

By this point, the trot singer had become very familiar with K-Pop fans, and many started posting memes about the fact the singer kept coming out.

Yet, what was funnier was not long after the initial post was shared, Lim Young Woong went on stage again and made a dramatic entrance to pick up his third award!

The Lim Young Woong fans definitely got their full share of their fave as he came out again to receive the “Best Ads Award.” In particular, the award has only been around for three years, and each time, it has been won by Lim Young Woong.

It wasn’t long before Lim Young Woong was out again, as he was one of the recipients of the bonsang award for “Artist of the year.”

When it came to receiving his final award of the night, Lim Young Woong changed it up a bit. Ahead of his performance, he had changed into a warm jumper, and it seemed perfect considering that he had just won an award for “Best Winter Music.”

It seems like every K-Pop fan knows who Lim Young Woong is, and the fact that he showcased huge charisma each time he came out proves he has so many loyal fans.

You can read the full list of winners below.

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Source: THE FACT