Netizens Bash Yeri For Looking Sad At First Performance Since Jonghyun’s Funeral

They attacked her, saying she’s faking sadness for attention.

Red Velvet’s Yeri had difficulty smiling when getting her photos taken, and netizens reacted in a very negative way.

She attended the 2017 SBS Gayo Daejun with her group and posed for photos on the red carpet before the show. Rather than smile, Yeri simply stood in place with a somber expression.

This marked Red Velvet’s first performance since labelmate Jonghyun passed away, and all the members wore “R.I.P JH” tags in his honor.

Yeri, who was very close to Jonghyun, was seen crying heavily at his funeral procession earlier in the week. After seeing Yeri’s facial expressions on the red carpet, many people believe she was still feeling down, while others are making ridiculous claims that she’s faking for attention.

During parts of the show, Yeri stood behind Seulgi to avoid the camera.

[+1987, –858] Know how to differentiate time and place;;; You can be sad all you want when you’re alone but when you’re in a public place and act like that… You do this to earn money don’t you? lol Even normal civillians who suffer from similar things, go into work and control their emotions.

[+1739, – 618] Yeri looks like she’s struggling and she’s really sad about everything but it honestly is important to know how to differentiate personal and professional life.

[+1487, – 480] This kid is really just a kid.

[+174, – 80] You guys are a bunch of jokers. Are you kidding me. If she was smiling you guys would’ve said she was fake because she was crying at the funeral. It’s really hard to be a celebrity.

[+152, – 80] She’s had behavior controversies before and she will continue do have these in the future. She only thinks about herself.

[+79, – 22] Control your facial expressions. You’re not the only one who’s sad.

[+5, – 7] Foreign fans actually saw the comments here and they’re going why K-Netizens are acting in this manner. Know how embarassing that is you crazies,

[+ 4, –  6] Can you stop now, it’s tiresome.