Heart-wrenching video of Red Velvet Yeri crying at Jonghyun’s funeral goes viral

Her and Jonghyun were extremely close, she couldn’t bare to see him go.

Red Velvet‘s Yeri crying at Jonghyun‘s funeral was released by Korean media and is heartbreaking to watch.

As Jonghyun’s casket is loaded into the funeral car, Yeri can be seen running towards the casket. She stands in front of SHINee and Super Junior tearfully looking at Jonghyun’s casket in complete shock.

Yeri, just moments before Jonghyun’s casket was driven away.
Standing in front of everyone, Yeri didn’t move from her spot and just looked at the funeral car.

Jonghyun funeral proceedings began on December 21, 2018 at 9AM KST and was open to both the public and media. His private funeral and burial began shortly afterwards, where only his close family and friends were allowed access.

Watch the full video below:

Yeri and Jonghyun were well known to be best friends and just like millions of fans around the world, is taking his death extremely hard. Jonghyun was often spotted caring for her as an older brother, looking after Yeri fondly and always having her back.

Jonghyun’s Instagram is filled with photos of Yeri, constantly calling her pretty and complimenting her.

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