SHINee Jonghyun’s Sister Releases Cover For His Birthday

Happy Birthday, Jjong.

This April 8 would have marked Jonghyun’s 29th (30th in Korean age) birthday. To celebrate, his sister Kim Sodam released a cover of his song “Happy Birthday“.

Jonghyun and his sister have been known to be very close. He has stated that they’ve had a tight bond since they were young.

He has not shied away from showing his love for his sister.

He even protected her from boys he felt were no good!

When the idol passed in 2017, Sodam and their mom established the Shiny Foundation – a foundation that aims to aid youths who are struggling through lack of management. They named it Shiny Foundation to remember his as a member of SHINee as well as his last song “Shinin‘”.


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Sodam’s version of the song is slightly different from Jonghyun’s, for she had changed the lyrics. Her lyrics reference more to the past and remembering the memories they made.

Fans are extremely touched with how she changed the lyrics and how she even decided to cover his song in the first place. Shawols are also grateful because she must feel grief as well, but she chooses to share her feelings with the fans and allow people to feel with her.

We hope Jonghyun is having a good birthday up there.

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