Taeyeon Leaves Heartbreaking Comment On Jonghyun’s Old Instagram Post

Taeyeon commented on one of Jonghyun’s old instagram posts and the entire world mourned with her.

Taeyeon has left a comment on one of SHINee Jonghyun‘s instagram posts almost six months after his death, and it summarized how every Shawol feels today.


She commented under a video she had taken of Jonghyun eating a roll cake, saying, “I miss you, Jonghyun.”


Taeyeon and Jonghyun had been close friends since their trainee days and even worked together on a duet for SM The Ballad.


Fans are leaving words of support and encouragement for Taeyeon.

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  • “I do too, Taeyeon. I hope she’s doing alright though.”
  • “Yes, we all do 🙁 We all miss him. Taeyeon must feel a little worse since she knew him very well.”
  • “Stay strong taetae ❤ remember all the happiest moments you shared with him,.. he’s still with you love. it’s okay ❤”


Netizens want her to know they share her pain and are there for her.

  • “I feel sad just as a fan. I can’t imagine how you feel, being so close to him.”
  • “Stay strong, unnie. We love you.”
  • “Don’t be sad Taeyeon, he is always with us… He loved you so much… 💘”
  • “Taeyeon, please stay strong.”
  • “Tae opening up is a good sign. She’s not hiding her pain. We all miss him.”
  • “Stay strong Taeyeon, let’s keep his memories alive by being strong for him, and for ourselves.”


Everyone is showing their love and support for Jonghyun and Taeyeon in their own way.

  • “I love you Taeyeon unnie.”
  • “We will be with you forever, Taeyeon unnie.”
  • “Unnie, please take care of yourself! We all love and care for you. I know what’s it like to miss a friend that’s far away but we will all make it through this dark time. Please take as much time as you need to heal, we’ll all be waiting for you 💕”
  • “He is always with you, don’t worry. He is your guardian angel💕”

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