Netizens Believe BLACKPINK Rosé’s Latest Pictorial Is Proof She Can Make Absolutely Everything Look Luxurious

Rosé looks great in everything!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is a total stunner!

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Rosé recently did a pictorial for the Seoul-based streetwear brand, O!Oi. She modeled for the women’s collection, the O!OiCOLLECTION. Her photos show off the designs in the Spring/Summer 2022 women’s collection.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

She previously modeled for their Fashion Week 2021 collection, too.

| @oioikorea/Instagram

Rosé Spring/Summer 2022 pictorial caught netizens’ attention, and we can definitely see why!

| @oioikorea/Instagram

A netizen shared photos from the pictorial on Nate Pann and gushed about how luxurious Rosé made the streetwear clothes look.

| @oioikorea/Instagram

Other netizens agreed with the original poster and couldn’t get over how luxurious Rosé looked in her O!Oi clothing. The top comments on the post gushed about how elegant Rosé looked and complimented her on her luxurious vibe.

  • Top Comment 1: I mean, she turned the Homeplus (supermarket) brand into a luxury one. So… That’s Rosé.
  • Top Comment 2: The jacket is nice, I want one.
  • Top Comment 3: AGREED! I love Rosé. She’s the purest form of elegance.

| @oioikorea/Instagram

Netizens also credited her with helping the brand to revamp its image. The trending comments on the post pointed out that O!Oi seems to be switching over from hoodies and other streetwear essentials to more elegant clothing items. The trending comments also commended Rosé for her versatility as a model.

  • Trending Comment 1: Agreed. O!Oi must be working on rebranding. Since two or three years ago, the brand has been aiming for a bit more luxurious + elegant teen vibe! I used to associate O!Oi with hoodies and streetwear before, but now I think of cuter outfits.
  • Trending Comment 2: What the hell, so pretty!
  • Trending Comment 3: Rosé’s vibe changes with each and every photoshoot, it’s impressive. She may not have all the traditional features considered pretty but she’s charming and dreamy in her own way. She would make a great model.
  • Trending Comment 4: The outfits look expensive AF. Rosé makes them look like high-quality stuff. Wow.
Source: Nate Pann