Netizens Blame Feminism For AOA’s Lack Of Ticket Sales

“Dear celebrities, feminists won’t take responsibility for your lives.”

A recent post on a Korean community forum has pointed out the lack of sales for AOA’s recent fanmeeting.

The blue seats in the screenshot indicate the number of available seats, which the original poster claimed was taken about a week before the fanmeeting.


Even in this fancam of the event, you can see the amount of empty seats in the back.


Some have pointed out that many male fans have left the fandom due to Seolhyun being perceived as an “extreme feminist“.

  • “Dear celebrities, feminists won’t take responsibility for your lives.” 
  • “Isn’t this the group that [feminist website] pushed?” 


It was also pointed out that ChoA’s departure could have affected the ticket sales.

  • “Even within the fandom, ChoA was the most popular so it’s expected.”
  • “ChoA really gave the group life.”
  • “If you take ChoA’s voice out of AOA’s songs honestly you can’t tell it’s an AOA song.”


However, most commenters agreed that most girl groups struggle if they do not have a strong female fandom as male fans often change groups or lose interest when they go to the military.

  • “This is why female fans are important, most male fans leave for groups with the next pretty face”
  • “But originally AOA wasn’t a group with a big fandom..”
  • “People keep saying it’s because of feminists but from the beginning AOA’s fandom was that big. It’s not that a lot of male fans left but even before this, male fans were famous for not spending a lot of money.” 


Despite not selling out the venue, AOA and Elvis had a great time together at the fanmeeting.


Source: Nate Pann