Netizens Blast Korea’s Judicial System Amid Reports Of Seungri’s Enduring Love For Clubbing

“He’s probably telling everyone just how much he loves Korea’s laws…”

Netizens directed their anger towards Korea’s judicial system amid news that Seungri has contacted celebrities to go clubbing with.

Seungri | The Korea Herald

On March 22, news outlet SPOTV released an article in which it alleged that Seungri has been enjoying life since his release from prison.

Seungri Continues To Visit Clubs Following His Release From Prison

Controversy erupted, however, when the article released a quote from an individual that the disgraced idol had been contacting celebrities to go clubbing with him.

Seungri will contact his friends, including celebrities, and suggest going to the club.

— Individual B

The article has been met with shock and anger from netizens, of whom many blamed Korea’s lax criminal laws for allowing Seungri to be released from prison so soon.

Seungri’s Upcoming Release From Prison Sparks Negative Reaction From Netizens

Originally Seungri was sentenced to three years in prison for charges ranging from misappropriating funds to soliciting prostitutes, but his sentence was halved after Seungri appealed for a lighter sentence.

Netizens criticized Korea’s laws and Seungri for seemingly not realizing the gravity of his crimes.

  • “Why would he change when thanks, to Korea’s laws someone who has committed these serious crimes isn’t prosecuted properly? He probably just felt that the world was his oyster.”
  • “Do you think he would have learned his lesson? He’s probably telling everyone just how much he loves Korea’s laws.”
  • “Remember, this is why he said he loved Korea.”
  • “I’m not even surprised he’s acting like that immediately upon his release. I’m more shocked that he’s already out.”
  • “No wonder he loves Korea’s laws, seeing how someone like him is out already.”
  • “Already (he’s released)? This world is great for criminals to live in.”
  • “He basically took a vacation (in jail).”

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Source: theqoo
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