Netizens Are Calling For Dispatch To Investigate Korea’s Football Association — Here’s What Happened

“Dispatch, let’s go to work.”

Netizens are calling for an investigation into Korea’s often-criticized football association (KFA) after a team trainer revealed the lack of resources provided by the association.

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Amid Korea’s exit from the 2022 Qatar World Cup, a team trainer’s allegations that the team was poorly equipped is going viral.

On December 6, trainer Ahn Deok Su wrote on his Instagram where he hinted at the lack of resources provided by the Korean Football Association.

Their journey was beautiful. I will remember the times we’ve spent together for a long time! This picture was taken in room 2701 before the last group match against Portugal, where we all said we didn’t want this (World Cup) to end this way! This was the 2701 resolution!

Trainers Song Young Sik and Lee Chul Hee, thank you so much! (Rehabilitating) Care for each player took anywhere from two to three hours! Because each trainer worked on 5-6 players, our hands were bloated and in bad shape, but it was nothing compared to the sweat (that the players) spilled.

There were many incidents in room 2701. I will tell reporters why we even needed room 2701 if reporters contact me. I will tell you about the nonsensical, unbelievable things that happened!

I hope they (Korean Football Association) learn and change, as it is the only way Korean Football can have a future! Because I have been with professional football teams for 20 years, it’s impossible for me not to consider the future of Korean Football!

Change!!! And don’t only think about yourselves!

— Ahn Deok Su

Ahn Deok Su’s post has been liked by National Team players such as Son Heung Min, Hwang Ui Jo, Jung Woo Young, and Cho Gue Sung, giving credence to the trainer’s allegations.

Korean National Team | JoongAng Ilbo

According to media outlet Dispatch, it is further alleged that room 2701 was paid for by Son Heung Min‘s father. Ahn Deok Su had previously thanked the player’s father for getting him “A good room.”

Criticism of the Korean Football Association isn’t new. The much-maligned association has been in the news lately due to the revelation that they didn’t re-sign outgoing National Team coach Paolo Bento due to financial reasons. Paolo Bento had previously bumped heads with the association, which he accused of caring more about sponsors and money than they did about their football players.

Netizens criticized the KFA and pleaded for Dispatch to investigate further.

  • “Dispatch, please investigate further.”
  • “Please expose them of everything.”
  • “Dispatch, investigate further.”
  • “These crazy b@stards. This isn’t all of it. Investigate further.”
  • “They expect the players to play well when they themselves do nothing for them… They have no shame.”
  • “Dispatch, let’s go to work. Investigate further. There are still so many questions.”
  • “I thought he meant the room was paid for by Bento, but to think it was paid for by a player’s father?”

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: Dispatch and Theqoo
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