Netizens Are Calling This “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Critic The Real-Life Kwon Min Woo — Here’s Why

“Somebody must have triggered him by saying he reminds them of Kwon Min Woo…”

We have previously reported on audience’s disdain for Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s character Kwon Min Woo.

The character enraged viewers with his hate-laden rant in episode 7.

In the episode, Kwon Min Woo argues that Attorney Woo receives preferential treatment from her coworkers at the firm and that it is he who is at a disadvantage because of it.

Netizens expressed their anger at the character on online communities, where many stated that the character feels so real as if he existed in real life.

Well, netizens didn’t have to wait long to find someone who reminded them of him.

A student’s post in Yonsei University’s online forum has gone viral. In the post titled, “Woo Young Woo Has No Right To Start A Conversation On Reverse Discrimination,” the Yonsei University student argues that Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a misrepresentation on three fronts and therefore fails as a social commentary.

1. Woo Young Woo does not have a disability.

The Yonsei student argues that Woo Young Woo doesn’t have a disability simply because she is able to read the room. In an episode, Woo Young Woo’s father hints at his daughter to act as if she is simply a customer. Woo Young Woo understands the hint and does so.

The student argues that this is definite proof that she isn’t autistic.

The drama does not depict Woo Young Woo as someone with autism. People with autism have the most difficult time understanding subtle hints and nuances…The fact she understands her father in the scene already proves she isn’t autistic.

— Yonsei Student

The student then goes on to state that it is impossible for someone on the autistic spectrum to finish top of their class.

The fact Woo Young Woo was at the top of her class at Seoul University despite the bullying she received makes the drama unbelievable and is impossible in real life.

— Yonsei Student

The student dismisses the fact that an autistic lawyer practicing law literally exists in real life as chance. And says spectrum or not, Woo Young Woo can’t be seen as autistic.

I know Woo Young Woo fans are going to say there is a spectrum and that there is an autistic lawyer in real-life, but how can someone who is able to communicate with others as well as she does be considered autistic? Also, the fact that there is an article about an autistic lawyer goes to prove how rare it is.

— Yonsei Student

2. Woo Young Woo is too attractive and too cute.

The student goes on to argue that Woo Young Woo is too cute and too attractive and that viewers don’t really care about her struggles with her disability but rather like her because she’s cute.

I think the premise of Woo Young Woo having autism is so to have an excuse for the actress to act out the cute things autistic people do. An excuse for an attractive young actress to act cute for audiences. Honestly, if Woo Young Woo’s character wasn’t so cute, do you think the show would be as successful?

— Yonsei Student

3. If Woo Young Woo is going to be cute, they should leave it at that without trying to explore social narratives.

The student argues that because Woo Young Woo is shown as too likable and without flaws, she isn’t a good representation of those that are discriminated against.

If Kwon Min Woo represents those who believe in reverse discrimination, there should be some validation as to why Woo Young Woo is a subject of discrimination. How is it that a character that is shown as only cute without having any hardship due to her condition can represent those who are socially disadvantaged?

— Yonsei Student

The student then finishes his post by writing that the drama should have spent more time showing the difficulties Woo Young Woo has due to her autism so audiences can understand why there could be discrimination in the first place.

I am not saying there is justification for discrimination. All discrimination is bad. But without showing any real difficulties and only portraying the protagonist, who represents the drama staff’s views, as perfect and demonizing the character who holds the opposite view is spineless. That doesn’t affect those holding the opposite view as much as it does the people that they bring into the conversation under the veil of peace and use without an honest exploration of the discourse.

— Yonsei Student

Netizens showed a mixed reaction to the student. There were some netizens that felt the author made some good points.

  • I am enjoying Woo Young Woo as well, but rather than a social commentary, I think you should watch it as a story about a cute attorney who succeeds in her career and romance.
  • I think he made some pretty good points… It is true that the show depicts only the calm, cute sides of Woo Young Woo, lol. It’s like a fantasy genre.

Others pointed out why the thesis was problematic.

The drama already explains that autism has a wide spectrum of symptoms and the degree to which it affects a person. Just because you have an opinion on what an autistic person should be like doesn’t make you correct. Also, I think the fact that they highlighted many different walks of life through their main character is in itself meaningful. Since when did you look at dramas with non-disabled characters so critically? And there should be no argument for reverse discrimination as for it to occur, then the world should be equally inclusive towards the disabled. In the past, I know seats for the disabled at movie theatres were way in the front. I know they have moved it back in recent years, but last time I checked, it was still to the side, lol.

— Netizen

  • “He sounds like he wants to justify his prejudice but is upset that the drama isn’t supplying any reasons for it, and so he feels defensive.”

A vast majority of netizens felt like the original author reminded them of a character on Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

  • “Leave him be. Somebody must have triggered him by saying he reminds them of Kwon Min Woo.”
  • “This is probably why the writer wrote Kwon Min Woo’s character. Let’s see how the character pans out in the later episodes.”
  • “There are so many Kwon Min Woo’s in this world.”
  • “What are you doing, Min Woo?”
  • “The fact that this guy was compelled to write this in itself shows the drama is doing a good job.”
  • “Is this what Kwon Min Woo wrote in the PC Bang (PC Cafe)?”
  • “He’s Kwon Min Woo in real life. He doesn’t seem to know why they call it an autistic spectrum?”

And this netizen’s comment explained why Extraordinary Attorney Woo is much more than your average K-Drama.

The fact that we are even having these discussions proves the show has already done an admirable job in representing those with disabilities.

— Netizen

What are your thoughts? Do you believe Woo Young Woo makes an argument that leans toward one side over another?

Source: Theqoo

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