Actress Go Hyun Jung Goes Viral For Her Age-Defying Visuals At Recent Red Carpet Event

Can you believe she turned 52?

Actress Go Hyun Jung is proving age is nothing but a number when it comes to her jaw-dropping visuals.

Go Hyun Jung | nate

The legendary Korean actress recently attended the 2022 Love Your W event, held annually by magazine W Korea to bring awareness to breast cancer.

Many stars attended the event, including actors Cha Eunwoo

Cha Eunwoo |

Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin |

And K-Pop’s most popular idols, such as Ahn Yujin.

Ahn Yujin |

Among Korea’s brightest stars, however, netizens are stating one 52-year-old legend shined brightest.

Go Hyun Jung | theqoo
| theqoo

Actress Go Hyun Jung showed why she is revered as one of Korea’s legendary actors and proved that time just moves slower for some people.

Netizens fawned over the actress, stating they couldn’t believe her age. Other netizens expressed envy, writing that she seemed to be aging backward.

  • “She doesn’t even look the same. She looks like she’s aging backward.”
  • “She’s the definition of gorgeous.”
  • “She’s so pretty. She’s literally a goddess.”
  • “Wow, I bet Go Hyun Jung will stay pretty forever.”
  • “Wow, she has all the vibes. She’s always been that way, but she has become more elegant.”
  • “So gorgeous. Her skin is insane.”
  • “What, (her beauty’s) crazy…? Wow.”

This is hardly the first time the actress has stolen the show with her beauty. Not too long ago, the actress made headlines for her otherworldly beauty at the 2021 Baeksang Awards.

Go Hyun Jung made her debut in 1989 when she was the runner-up for Miss Korea. She would go on to blaze a legendary trail with her acting, appearing in what many consider the most-watched K-Drama of all-time, Sandglass (1995)which saw an incredible viewership rating of 64.5%.

Go Hyun Jung in Sandglass | SBS

Go Hyun Jung has remained a revered figure in Korea’s entertainment industry, becoming one of its most acclaimed actors and appearing in over 20 projects during her career. Go Hyun Jung last starred in 2021’s JTBC drama Reflection Of You. 

Go Hyun Jung in Reflection Of You | JTBC
Source: theqoo
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