Netizens Notice A Resemblance Between NCT DREAM’s Jaemin And Girls’ Generation’s Yoona — A Resemblance That Goes Back To SM Entertainment’s ‘Deer Line’

“Before I was an NCTzen I thought they were related.”

After the release of the latest Glitch Mode teaser images, netizens pointed out that NCT DREAM‘s Jaemin bears a strong resemblance to Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona, and now no one can unsee it. But there is a reason why he looks similar, and it goes back to SM Entertainment‘s ‘deer line.’

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Jaemin has made a name for himself as the visual center and lead rapper of NCT DREAM. But while fans will love him most for his talent and his personality, there is no denying that he has truly outstanding visuals. Yet, according to Jaemin, if there is one thing he would like people to remember him for, it’s his smile…

…a smile that just so happens to make him look rather like Yoona. Yoona is also the visual and lead rapper in Girls’ Generation, which is certainly a happy coincidence!

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When the similarity was pointed out on Twitter, a fan replied saying, “No, it’s not just you, sometimes Jaemin looks like the male version of Yoona, SM’s deer family.”

SM Entertainment’s ‘deer line’ originally included TVXQ‘s Changmin and Yoona, and then came to include SHINee‘s Minho as well. Changmin was known as the original member, which he hilariously admitted to in an interview when the subject was brought up.

SHINee’s Minho and Yoona | @llsprtm/Twitter
When Jaemin was a rookie, he was said to be next in line to join SM Entertainment’s ‘deer line’…

…which is why it makes sense that he still resembles Yoona today. One can see it mostly in the smile, as Jaemin’s smile often looks similar to hers, especially when it’s a closed one.
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Yet their eyes also seem to give a similar, soulful look (which is probably the look that got these two visuals the title of ‘deer line’ of SM Entertainment!).

Netizens think Jaemin and Yoona look so alike, that some have even claimed that they thought they were related.

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One has to wonder what Jaemin and Yoona think of this resemblance. Other K-Pop idols have admitted that they have lookalikes in the industry that look like they could be related to them. BTOB‘s Minhyuk, for example, has an uncanny resemblance to TXT‘s Soobin—and the two of them also resemble MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul and ASTRO‘s Sanha! Though Jaemin is known as a bunny in NCT, perhaps his persistent resemblance to Yoona can allow him to be inducted into the deer line!