Netizens Can’t Tell If This Mystery Man Is Really Tottenham Hotspurs’ Son Heung Min Or A Lookalike

Would you be able to tell?

Netizens are confused about a recent photo of a man posted in online communities—they can’t tell if he is Son Heung Min or a lookalike.

Son Heung Min | @hm_son7/Instagram

Son Heung Min is a world-renowned professional football player who plays as a forward for the Tottenham Hotspurs and is the South Korean national team captain. Nicknamed “Sonny,” he is loved by fans worldwide and is considered one of the best Asian footballers of all time.

Son Heung Min won the Castrol Golden Boot Award for 2021/2022 | @hm_son7/Instagram

On June 26, someone posted two pictures on an online community that sent the netizens into a frenzy. With the title, “The current status of Dongmun Market in Jeju Island,” the photos showed a young man behind the counter at a chicken stand. People noticed right away that he resembled Son Heung Min. He even wore a Tottenham uniform and did the football player’s signature pose.

The picture of a man in Dongmun Market in Jeju | fmkorea
The man doing Son Heung Min’s signature pose | fmkorea

The man looked so much like Son Heung Min that netizens were confused why the football player was at a chicken restaurant in Dongmun Market on Jeju Island. It turned out he was not Son Heung Min but someone who resembled him. Some netizens pointed out their uncanny resemblance.

| fmkorea
  • “Loooooooooooool, they’re identical”
  • “Before I read the comments, I was like, why is Son Heung Min there; they really look alike”
  • “They look strangely alike lol”
  • “I can see it lol”
  • “Except for the fact that he has a longer face, they look the same… Long Heung Min”
  • “Most people look like him in an ugly way, but he looks like him in a handsome way”
  • “? I was like, Son Heung Min, why? But turns out it was fake”
  • “Is this the multiverse Son Heung Min? Hahaha”
  • “But this is Son Heung Min!”
  • “At this rate, he can play soccer for him, and no one will notice”
  • “Isn’t this him? Hahaha how can they look this alike?”
  • “I really thought Son Heung Min went to Jeju hahaha”
  • “Before I read the comments, I didn’t know lol”
  • “Even Son Heung Min’s mom would be fooled”
  • “At this rate, if we walked around London, people would come running to him yelling, ‘Sonny’ for real”

Others had some hilarious and creative ideas for Son Heung Min and his lookalike.

| fmkorea
  • “It would be awesome if Son Heung Min visited him as a surprise”
  • “He would become rich if he sold chicken in the UK”
  • “Son Heung Min, retire and open up a chicken spot”
  • “Tottenham Chicken *shaking*”
  • “Does he do YouTube? His views would explode if he went to London”
  • “He would be hella popular if he held hands with Min Jae’s lookalike and went to Europe hahahahaha”
Son Heung Min (left) and his lookalike (right) | @hm_son7/Instagram, fmkorea

What do you think? Can you tell who the real Son Heung Min is?

Son Heung Min (left) and his lookalike (right) | @hm_son7/Instagram, fmkorea


Source: Fmkorea and Wikitree