Netizens Catch Mnet’s Clear Act of Favoritism On “Produce 48”

Netizens are once again disappointed with the “Produce” series for their editing.

Mnet’s Produce 48 has recently been receiving attention from netizens for its clear act of favoritism.


The trainee the program has apparently been favoring is HKT48 member Miyawaki Sakura.


Firstly, many viewers could not accept the fact that Miyawaki Sakura received an “A” grade while Matsui Jurina, who was introduced as equally as skilled and popular as Miyawaki Sakura, received a “B” grade despite the compliments she received on their first evaluation.


As a result, viewers were assuming that Sakura may be in the center of the spotlight this season when they discovered clear evidence of this favoritism.


Sakura was performing in front of the camera and the other trainees for her second evaluation.


Then, the next scene showed trainee Na Goeun nodding her head in admiration of Sakura. However, viewers caught sight of Sakura sitting right next to Na Goeun.

Due to this editing mistake, the program essentially showed Sakura “watching” her own performance.


Viewers were used to the editing of Produce series by now but were once again disappointed in their favoritism of certain trainees.

Although the editing is likely being done to enhance the entertainment aspect of the show, viewers have a general opinion that it should not distort the facts as it would be unfair to the trainees who shed sweat and tears to receive the chance to achieve their dreams.


Needless to say, Miyawaki Sakura is a very talented trainee who is full of potential, but the program’s favoritism on the trainee has ironically seemed to have shed a bad light on the star.

Source: Insight