Netizens Call Out FNC Entertainment For Alleged Mistreatment Of P1Harmony

Overwork and invasion of privacy have been discussed.

Netizens are disturbed by FNC Entertainment‘s recent statement regarding P1Harmony Jiung‘s absence from comeback promotions, calling it an invasion of privacy, as well as overworking of the members.

From left: P1Harmony’s Theo, Jongseob, Intak, Jiung, Soul, and Keeho. | @P1H_official/Twitter

P1Harmony made their comeback in July with the fourth mini album HARMONY : ZERO IN, with the title track “Doom Du Doom.”

The group has been continuing to promote and participate in events, such as 2022 KCON and fanmeetings.

It was at the 4th Mini Album [HARMONY : ZERO IN] FAN SIGN EVENT that Jiung, unfortunately, was absent. Before the event, FNC Entertainment released a statement regarding his condition via the group’s official social media account.

Jiung will be absent from the 2022.09.03 4th Mini Album [HARMONY : ZERO IN] VIDEO CALL EVENT & FAN SIGN EVENT due to vomiting and diarrhea. To the P1ece, who’ve been waiting, we ask for your understanding.

— FNC Entertainment

FNC Entertainment revealed that Jiung was not only sick but specifically that he had diarrhea and vomiting. They asked for P1eces (their fans) to understand.

While many were indeed understanding and empathetic, most were shocked that the company would reveal such details regarding Jiung. They could not help but feel that it was an invasion of privacy and that FNC Entertainment should have simply said that he was sick with no specifications.


Like they could’ve just said he was sick #jiung #p1harmony #p1h #fncentertianment


Additionally, P1eces are concerned that now Jiung will be known as “the diarrhea guy in K-Pop.” 

Sure enough, Jiung trended on Twitter after the news was released. So, everyone from fans and non-fans knew about it.

Besides just the topic of invasion of privacy regarding their idols, P1eces are calling out FNC Entertainment for overworking P1Harmony. Since P1Harmony debuted in 2020 during a time when touring and promotions were practically unthinkable due to COVID-19, it seems like FNC Entertainment is attempting to make up for the lost time in 2022.

In January, P1Harmony released their third EP, Disharmony: Find Out, and its lead single, “Do It Like This.” In February, they embarked on their 2022 P1Harmony LIVE TOUR [P1ustage H : PEACE]. Some dates were rescheduled for two months later when most members contracted COVID-19 while on tour. Besides that, the group has performed at festivals and events, such as 2022 KCON and 2022 ISAC, and recently made their comeback fourth mini album, HARMONY : ZERO IN. 

| FNC Entertainment

FNC Entertainment has since deleted the statement regarding Jiung after netizens’ criticism.

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