Netizens Show Concern For “Boys Planet” Han Yujin After Sasaengs Surface Even Before He Makes His Debut

He is only 16.

Han Yujin is currently one of the most popular trainees on Boys Planet. He’s not faltered from his spot in the Top 5 ever since the first episode. With the first elimination, Han Yujin ranked 4th.

With great popularity also comes a huge burden. The young 16-year-old has not had a break since he was revealed to the public. From having his past friendships and relationships sounded out, he has also been plagued by overly-ardent fans. The boys recently filmed a special dance clip for CHOOM Studio.

As the filming was held in a private studio, many wondered how fansites managed to get their hands on photos of his filming. Netizens described the top-down angle as suspicious.

The photos also looked highly zoomed in. Not even editing could mask the grainy quality.

Fans grew concerned as they wondered if sasaengs had been latching onto the poor teen already.

Netizen response to the news. | Nate Pann

  • “Check if there are photos that are taken top-down. If yes, it’s probably a drone sasaeng. They find out about non-public schedules and send a drone to take photos as you can easily control them from within a set radius. These are often used recently. Such [sasaengs] don’t let go easily, so we need to vanquish them by beating them up hard.”
  • “I really hate sasaengs. I bet it’s an ahjumma.”
  • “The fansite master said on their stan account that they wanted to go back to the day of the filming for CHOOM Studio.”
  • ” Wow, what is this… How can they take such pics?”

Not only this, fansites attended his middle school graduation. While not the most private of events, it is an unspoken rule that it is only open to people who know the graduates.

Most of all the pictures and videos taken at Han Yujin’s graduation ceremony are by sasaengs! I hope you delete them for his sake. The people in the photos are also sasaengs.

— Fan

As he has not yet debuted and is still a minor, this incident is shocking and concerning for many. Unfortunate as it is, this is not the first time such a matter has happened. NCT‘s Mark also famously had sasaengs attend his graduation ceremony pre-debut and plague him on the way back to the

dorms. With pre-debut exposure comes great interest; sometimes, this interest is not the best.

Source: Nate Pann