STAYC’s Stylists Under Fire For Ill-Fitting And Dangerous Shoes

Netizens are concerned for their safety.

After Sieun fell in improperly-sized heels, netizens are blaming STAYC‘s stylists for the dangerous fashion choice.

STAYC’s Sieun | News 1

Walking on a bumpy path was a challenge for Sieun as she fell behind her members.

The shoes proved to be too difficult when her ankle gave way, causing her to trip.

Fortunately, Sieun wasn’t injured from the situation. However, netizens are left questioning why she was given such ill-fitting heels in the first place.

When looking at the space between her ankle and the back of the shoe, the heels are not even close to being her proper shoe size.

Netizens are baffled with the stylist’s careless choices that could have ended dangerously.

  • “I’m glad that she didn’t fall, but is her ankle okay?”
  • “Their stylist is so bad. If she gets injured, who will be responsible?”
  • “Even when I see celebrities on stage, they even wear shoes that don’t fit… It’s dangerous”
| News 1

Fans hope that stylists can give idols properly-sized clothing and accessories to avoid situations like this in the future. Watch as Sieun recovers from the event below.

Source: theqoo