Netizens Raise Concerns For aespa’s Lack Of Proper Security At The Airport

MYs are calling on SM Entertainment to make changes in the future.

aespa recently unexpectedly flew to Australia to reportedly film content for the group and a new music video, according to Korean news reports. What was an exciting update for fans turned into concern after the group was swarmed at the airport after their quick trip to Sydney.

(From left to right) aespa’s NingNing, Karina, Winter, and Giselle | @aespa_official/Twitter

aespa was unexpectedly sighted out and about in Sydney this week, seemingly confirming Korean media reports that the group was filming new content in Australia.

The news was a surprise to fans, as the schedule was unannounced before MYs realized the talented quartet was out of the country.

Despite fans finding out the group was in Australia at the last minute, a large crowd gathered at Kingsford Smith airport in Sydney to see the group before their return to Korea.

In videos of the group navigating the airport, MYs were surprised to see that aespa appeared only to be accompanied by two or three staff members acting as the group’s security.

Videos showed the members struggling to walk through the crowds of people around them as their staff members politely asked for the surrounding crowd to give them space.

The chaotic scene didn’t end in Australia. Once aespa landed back in Seoul, they were again mobbed by people who crossed boundaries with the artists.

The members walked with phones only inches away from their faces. Fans who were at the airport reported that there was pushing, and the members appeared fearful.

Many fans rushed towards the members with gifts, which the members thoughtfully accepted along the way.

Again, aespa was seen with only a few security personnel compared to the size of the crowd that had gathered to see the members.

aespa at Incheon Airport | @aespanim/Twitter

Fans grew increasingly frustrated at the apparent lack of adequate security for the popular group. They wondered why SM Entertainment hasn’t taken action despite this being a recurring issue for aespa.

This isn’t the first time aespa has been mobbed at the airport. In July, aespa was swarmed by fans, and Giselle appeared to be injured while the group struggled through the crowd.

Fans are hoping that SM Entertainment will provide aespa with more security as the already popular group’s public recognition and fanbase continue to grow by the day.

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