Aespa’s Giselle And Her “Bodyguard” NingNing Showcase Their True Personalities As They’re Mobbed At Incheon Airport

“Giselle was clearly in pain…”

Aespa‘s Giselle and NingNing showcased their true personalities as they were mobbed by a large crowd upon arriving in Incheon Airport on July 10.

The members were returning to Korea after an eventful stay in the US, where they made a speech at the 2022 UN High Level Political Forum on sustainability and performed in Good Morning America‘s Summer Concert, showing off their superior visuals.

aespa at the United Nations | @aespafess_/Twitter

As they returned to Korea, however, fans were worried to see a crowd waiting for aespa at the airport. There have been many recent cases of idols being mobbed by airport crowds, some of which have raised concerns not only over the danger posed to idols, but also over the danger posed to fans in the crowd themselves.

Yet, dangerous crowd behavior continues to be an issue, going so far as to make Stray KidsFelix fall in Incheon Airport earlier this year. As the members of aespa arrived in Korea on July 10, fans were concerned to see that not only was NingNing forced to personally protect Giselle at the airport, but that Giselle also appeared to be in pain.

In fact, as aespa made their way to the exit, Giselle appeared to be visibly limping.

Yet, despite her apparent pain, Giselle did not fail to be kind and polite. She accepted letters from fans as she moved…

…and smiled, waved, and bowed at everyone she made eye contact with.

Fans couldn’t help praising her kind and polite personality, especially given what were surely stressful circumstances for the idol.

Yet, they also wondered just what had caused Giselle to be in noticeable pain in the first place. Showing her own true thoughtful and kind personality, NingNing came to help and protect her member when she saw that the mob had reportedly caused Giselle to stumble. NingNing put her arm around Giselle and did her best to help her along while keeping the mob at bay.

She continued to watch out for her seemingly until they made it outside, leading fans to praise NingNing and the way she worried for Giselle as they navigated the crowd. But, of course, the crowd’s behavior drew some strong criticism as well.

Hopefully, the members of aespa are getting some well-deserved rest now. And hopefully, Giselle is not injured seriously and will recover quickly!