Netizens Criticize J.Y. Park’s “Negative Feedback” For Fans Participating In His “Groove Back” Challenge

“Is he watching TikTok challenges or JYP auditions?”

TikTok challenges have become the perfect way for K-Pop fans to show their love for their favorite idols. With the rise of social media, artists have also taken to responding to these videos, sharing their love and appreciation for fans’ hard work.

Yet, J.Y. Park has received mixed reactions to his “constructive criticism” towards netizens doing his TikTok challenge.

J.Y. Park | @asiansoul_jyp/Instagram

J.Y. Park recently released the video for his song “Groove Back.”

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube
| JYP Entertainment/YouTube   

Even before the song was released, J.Y. Park created a TikTok challenge for the song and the JYP Entertainment artists gained attention for their take on the dance.



Of course, like all dance challenges, fans worldwide have been taking part. Yet, J.Y. Park has gained attention after his unique way of responding to dance challenges.

Rather than just generic comments, the founder of JYP Entertainment seemed to have his CEO hat on when responding to the comments.

Yet, the reason he has gained attention is for some of the comments that have been deemed “rude.” In response to some of the videos, J.Y. Park responded with things like, “Please find and watch the dance tutorial I made. It was made for people like you,” or “Got the groove but not the move.”

When the stories were shared on Instagram, netizens had mixed responses to them. While many were positive, they particularly discussed some of the harsher-worded stories by J.Y. Park. While some found it hilarious, sharing that the idol thought he was watching JYP auditions rather than TikTok challenges…

Others thought that it was unnecessarily mean and that he should be encouraging those who were taking part in his challenge.

Of course, some of the comments from J.Y. Park were positive, and others were genuine constructive criticism. Yet, some of them were worded in a way that seemed quite rude and blunt, especially for fans just having fun with the challenge and not trying to join JYP Entertainment.

You can read more about the challenge below.

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