Netizens Criticize Kang Min Kyung’s Response To Controversy Over Her Employee’s Salaries

“She really wrote snacks (as a benefit). LOL.”

Kang Min Kyung responded to the controversy over allegations that she is underpaying her employees.

Kang Min Kyung | @iammingki/Instagram

Earlier, we reported that the popular singer had found herself in the middle of controversy after she had uploaded a job hiring post.

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung Faces Backlash For Allegedly Underpaying Her Employees

Netizens were outraged after they saw that Kang Min Kyung’s fashion brand, Àvie Muah, was paying much less than the industry’s norm.

Job posting | theqoo

Kang Min Kyung has since stated that she had mistakenly posted an entry-level salary in the post.

I was shocked by all of the DMs, so I checked the job posting. And I was even more shocked… Due to the mistake of our employee, the CS posting stated our entry-level salary. Àvie Muah considers applicants’ experience and previous salary in the hiring process. We are waiting for precious people to work with us.

— Kang Min Kyung

The post, however, was met with skepticism, and many continued to criticize the singer. Seeing this, Kang Min Kyung then released a formal response to the controversy. On January 5, Kang Min Kyung released a statement on her Instagram.

In the post, Kang Min Kyung reiterated that the job posting was a mistake and explained the hiring process at her fashion brand. Kang Min Kyung ended the statement by promising to work towards providing a better environment for her employees. Kang Min Kyung’s full statement is available below.

Hello everyone.

Today, I am writing to you not as Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung, but as the CEO of Àvie Muah.

Hours earlier, I uploaded a job posting for a Customer Service associate that mistakenly reflected the salary of a non-experienced entry-level employee.

The post was corrected immediately upon discovering the mistake. I would like to apologize for not checking the post thoroughly.

Once hired by Àvie Muah,
For experienced employees we negotiate salaries based on their previous earnings.
For non-experienced, contract workers, we pay minimum wage but re-negotiate the salary after one year.

Àvie Muah is still a growing brand, and therefore, I can only promise to work towards better compensation for workers, and for this, my heart is heavy.

Currently, Àvie Muah offers four major insurances, benefits per labor laws, with one month of paid leave upon three years of employment, flexible working hours, monthly/annual leave, food and snacks, Àvie Muah products, employee discounts, and provide gift cards for holidays, New Years, and birthdays.

As the company grows, we will continue to share benefits with employees and will work towards building a better work environment.

Although to many, I am lacking as a CEO, I will work towards being able to offer better pay and compensation to Àvie Muah’s employees.

Thank you for reading this.

— Kang Min Kyung

Netizens, however, still weren’t impressed by the responses. Many netizens pointed out that not only was the salary too low, but that the employees were expected to do too much. Other netizens also pointed out the termination rate at the brand.

  • “With the money she used to buy buildings and donate to charity, maybe she should raise her employees’ salaries, sigh. LOL.”
  • “Either lower the workload and hire more employees or raise the salary…”
  • “There seriously aren’t many benefits.”
  • “I think just not working there is the answer… The controversy is over the salaries, but the issue is the workload per employee, and she doesn’t address this… Also, the benefits aren’t really good.”
  • “The (company’s) 50% turnover rate says all we need to know… LOL.”
  • “She really wrote snacks (as a benefit). LOL.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: sbs and theqoo