Netizens Criticize Kep1er’s Kim Dayeon And Ciipher’s Won For Deceiving Fans And Being Careless About Their Relationship

“Won literally sent fans a picture of himself that Kim Dayeon had taken.”

Earlier, we reported that Kep1er‘s Kim Dayeon and Ciipher‘s Won were alleged to be dating.

Dayeon | CJ ENM
Won |

The allegations stem from photos of the idols wearing similar clothes taken against similar backdrops. The allegations gained credence when the idols’ label didn’t deny them, rather opting to claim they weren’t privy to their respective idols’ private life.

It’s difficult to provide a response because it is a personal issue.


It is difficult to confirm details about the dating rumors. We respect the personal privacy of our artists.

— R.A.I.N Company

Amid the rumors, fans of both idols gathered evidence that Kim Dayeon and Won weren’t too careful about hiding their relationship. In a viral post that has since been viewed over 107K times, a netizen uploaded several pieces of evidence that showed the idols allude to their relationship to fans.

| Nate Pann

According to the author of the post, Kim Dayeon had bragged to her fans that she had bought a new bag, which turned out to be a matching “couple” bag with Won.

I want to show off my new bag. I know it’s random, but it’s a really cute bag.

— Kim Dayeon to fans

| nate pann
Kim Dayeon (left) and Won (right) | nate pann

The netizen also alleged that Won had uploaded a picture to fans that were taken by Kim Dayeon…

And even shared with fans a picture of them wearing couple pajamas.

| nate pann

Netizens criticized the idols for their brashness, even going as far as stating they were having fun at the expense of fans. Many fans stated they felt deceived and were hurt by the idols’ actions.

  • “Honestly, I would understand because they were caught by Dispatch, but the fact they were doing this on an app to communicate to fans is deception on a legendary level. LOL. I mean, even non-celebrities don’t brag about their relationships at work.”
  • “Won literally sent fans, on a messaging app, a picture of himself that Kim Dayeon had taken. LOL.”
  • “Fans told him he didn’t know how to take a “Boyfriend Shot,” so he literally brought a boyfriend shot that his girlfriend took.”
  • “I bet it was thrilling for them.”
  • “I bet fans are upset that they acknowledged the rumors an hour before their new song came out.”
  • “Didn’t Rain tell them they couldn’t date for five years? I remember him telling Ciipher how he had dozens of staff members laboring for their success. I bet he’s the most upset. LOL.”
  • “I remember on Girls Planet, she had so much ambition and was talented in singing and dancing. What in the world happened?”
  • “Wow, they basically dated openly.”
  • “Do you think fans are there to sponsor your relationship? LOL.”
  • “I wonder why idols in relationships can’t help but make it obvious they are dating?”

What are your thoughts?

Source: Nate Pann
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