Netizens Criticize NewJeans’ Stylist Due To “Hard To Understand” Outfits At The “2023 MMAs”

“Why do they do this to pretty kids?”

The 2023 Melon Music Awards was held on December 2, 2023. The flashy event saw most groups in suits and gorgeous dresses.

IVE at the show.

Netizens were stunned when NewJeans chose to go a different route in comparison. True to their Y2K concept, they were dressed in cargo pants and shorts instead. Not only were they not formally dressed, the outfits seemed to be hard for mainstream audiences to understand.

Hyein was given a mesh crop top and a chunky necklace.

It. seemed a little out of place on the red carpet.

Haerin paired denim pants with hoop earrings and an angel-wing top.

While gorgeous, it might not have been suited for the formal occasion.

Danielle carried a fur stole over a metallic top.

They also experimented with mismatched “Harley Quinn makeup” on her eyes.

All the girls wore chunky snow boots with their outfits. Hanni wore lowrise cargo pants with a pink graphic tee.

Her makeup was kept peachy and cute.

Minji looked gorgeous despite the busy outfit.

The stylist paired patterned stockings with a printed skirt, on top of a striped top and an embroidered jacket. That’s four different patterns in one outfit!

Overall, netizens felt that the stylist, while they tried to dress up the girls for the special occasion, could have matched the TPO better.

Netizens praised the girls for their beauty, but turned their critism to the stylists and glam team for not bringing out the members’ full potential.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • I know that they tried hard to doll the girls up, but why do I think that their bare faces are better?
  • Gasp, it’s all weird. Why do they do that to pretty kids?
  • Everything after their first album is tacky. Why are they doing that to pretty kids?
  • It’s all weird… Just where do they get such stockings?
  • They tried dressing the girls up in something different than usual. I like it, so what?
  • Why do they always do this at awards shows?
  • Wow, their shoes look so warm.
  • I thought their legs were stained with coca-cola.
  • Minji and Hanni are pretty.
  • Their hair, makeup, and style is so hard to digest. It’ll be better if they went natural.

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Source: theqoo