Netizens Debate Over The Disparities In The Line Distribution For (G)I-DLE’s “Nxde”

Fans are torn.

Fans are showing a mixed response to the unequal line distribution of (G)I-DLE’s latest release, “Nxde.”

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Earlier, we reported on the line distributions on (G)I-DLE’s newly released album I Love. Of the album cuts, the unequal line distribution for their title track, “Nxde,” was especially glaring.

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The song, which relied heavily on rap verses, had Soyeon singing a whopping 34% of the song. Miyeon, who had the least amount of lines, sang 13% of the lines, which is almost 3X less than Soyeon.

Netizens have also noticed and argued that the lines should be distributed more equally, while other netizens argued that the line distribution is inevitable since Soyeon produced the song.

In an online post that has garnered over 80K views, a netizen writes that Soyeon should make a greater effort to work within the group, arguing that the current line distributions aren’t conducive to a team.

It’s not like she’s a solo artist. It isn’t a good look for the team when on the song you produced, you give yourself all the lines. Former iKON member BI was also extremely talented and produced/wrote the group’s song, but he distributed the lines equally. Seriously, they have members like Miyeon, Minnie, and Yuqi, who are both pretty and good singers but aren’t treated as main vocalists. Also, this track doesn’t really go well with rap, but Soyeon put so many rap lines. Due to this, when the other members sing two lines, she raps four. She should’ve at least given the intro and the last bridge to her members, but she, of course, took both, LOL. I really liked her in the beginning, but I am liking her less as time goes on.

— Netizen

Netizens were torn, however, as many argued that Soyeon having the most amount lines shouldn’t be a problem since she produced the song and that fact that she brings so much value to (G)I-DLE.

  • “You fans need to think smarter. You guys don’t know how valuable a member who can write hits is.”
  • “Why are you guys criticizing her? Honestly, 99% of the public calls her a genius… And if you look at the MV, each member is highlighted. You guys are saying that she takes up all the lines, but as a non-fan, I can tell you that all the members seem to be represented well in the song. Of course, if I was a fan, I would be more sensitive to this, but to say that Soyeon is forcing rap lines that don’t go well is a bit too much. It might be because Soyeon produced the song, but I say the rap parts go incredibly well with the song.”
  • “On songs that Minnie and Yuqi produced, they also gave themselves the most lines. Do you think (G)I-DLE would be this big if it weren’t for Soyeon? If Soyeon debuted as a solo (G)I-DLE wouldn’t be nearly as big.”
  • “I remember when the other members couldn’t sing live, so everyone said Soyeon was carrying them, but now you guys are saying she’s doing too much… The fact is, she’s an incredible producer, and she is a big reason the group was able to come this far. No?”
  • To those who criticize Soyeon, here’s a choice for you. A group with Soyeon and her creative genius, but she sings 40% of the lines, versus a group without her and just sings the songs dictated by Cube Entertainment. Which one would you choose? Remember, the group’s original debut track wasn’t “Latata,” it was some song that Cube brought, but because it was so wack, Soyeon made “Latata.” Especially for a group under Cube, you need a member that can produce their own music because she knows what goes well with the group. Look at the label’s other groups for comparison.”

Still, other netizens felt that lines should be distributed more equally and that the current distributions aren’t conducive to a harmonious group.

  • “She should just be a solo artist if she’s going to take all the lines just because she’s the one who produced the song.”
  • “I think the song itself is good, but it’s so short to distribute the lines. Considering the flow of the song, Soyeon’s part is good as is, but they should add a few lines in the bridge so that the other member’s parts can shine as well.”
  • “I saw that Soyeon sang 48 secs while Miyeon sang only 18. I’d be upset as well.”
  • “I agree. She’s a creative genius, but that is that, and this is this.”
  • “I checked out the song to see what everyone is upset about, and Soyeon literally seems to sing half of the song while giving the other members chorus lines, LOL. But she is the best, so it is true that her parts sound best.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: Nate Pann
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