Netizens Debate Whether Or Not BTS Should Be More Open At The Airport

“I can’t tell…is there really a need to cover up so excessively?”

A recent event that occurred at the airport between BTS and fans have netizens debating on whether BTS should be more open to fans at the airport or not.

BTS returning to Korea from Taiwan for the “SBS Super Concert In Taipei” on July 8, 2018.


The issue of bootsoonie (“fans” who get up close and too personal with their biases) has come to light after BTS’s personal space was invaded by these “fans” while they passed through the airport.


Fans expressed their anger and sympathy for Jungkook when a bootsoonie (the girl in the blue shirt) grabbed onto Jungkook without his consent. The image began circulating the internet, causing a wide debate.


Many fans were concerned for the members’ privacy and safety as they ridiculed the bootsoonies who had no respect of personal space.

  • “I want to ban that blue-shirt girl from this world. Who told her she could hold his hand. All the a**holes who told her so are all criminals.”
  • “He’s still only 22 and I feel like it’ll be so hard on him having to deal with all this attention since such a young age…stop giving Jungkook a hard time you sasaengs!”
  • “Can’t you put up a fence and block everyone with security Big Hit? BTS’ income is so huge, let’s spend some on this situation…”
  • “What’s wrong with that girl? Why is she holding his arm? It’s just gross.”
  • “I felt so bad for Jimin who just sat there not being able to say even a word when those girls looked like they were going to shove their phones into his nose…how terrible Jungkook must have felt too…I hope those rude stalkers don’t go around calling themselves ARMY…torturing the members is not something fans should do!!!”


The bootsoonie issue had eventually caused V to come up with his own solution to get more personal space. Surprisingly, his actions produced backlash from netizens.

V Used A Neat Trick To Get More Personal Space, And Netizens Are Cursing Him For It


As a result of such incidents, it seems that BTS has begun covering themselves up more at the airport.


Many fans would rather see BTS close themselves off from the fans to put safety as their top priority. They’re asking fans to respect their space and demanding BigHit to provide more security.

  • “Cover it all. I want them to wear parkas at the airport even if it’s hot. I saw the video clips and those insane bootsoonies were attacking them like crazy. Regardless of whether or not they’re celebrities, they’re utter strangers to BTS and there they are disrespectfully pointing their phones right in front of BTS’ faces and linking their arms. There are tons of crazy people.”
  • “Please get them more security~ the girl who grabbed Jungkook’s arm…ㅡㅡ^”
  • “It did look pretty dangerous last time. They began attacking all of a sudden and I would’ve been scared too. Keeping a safe distance would be better for everyone. When they were walking along the street I was so worried they would get hurt. After seeing the injury on his arm, I just watched from afar. I think it’s important for us to be more thoughtful and careful to those we regard precious. I’ll always support BTS!!”
  • “If you see those fans crowd around idols at the airport, it is pretty scary…they just run up to them without looking.”
  • “They need more security…”
  • “Those people are not fans…Not only for BTS, all idols need to strengthen security or at least do something about this…I hope the day comes when they’ll be able to wave to their fans comfortably as they return from abroad.”
  • “Please add more security. They need way more. The managers are not security. It seemed like those people were blatantly grabbing the members’ arms. If it’s difficult to resolve the issue, please the members need more security to protect themselves.”


Meanwhile, some netizens are claiming that they’ve become “arrogant” and “excessive” in putting distance between themselves and the fans.

  • “I can’t tell…is there really a need to cover up so excessively?”
  • “Stars who aren’t even special usually cover themselves up more. Gang Dong Won and Jung Woo Sung gladly wave their arms in front of fans lol. Only the ugly ones cover themselves up like that.”
  • “Honestly, I can put my hands on my heart and say that those people are all ugly and short.”
  • “They’re starting to become arrogant.”
  • “What are these losers…are they the sect leaders of the fangirls??? Tsk tsk.”
  • “But it’s not like they were returning in secret. It seems like everyone knew of their return and are taking pictures so why are they covering their faces??? Is it because they forgot to put on makeup after taking a nap??”
  • “Looks like BTS’ popularity hit its peak and is now disappearing. No more talks about the Billboard and no more news about them…truthfully, the media was overdoing it a little.”
  • “Why do they need to cover…?”


The debate even called for a boycott on airport photos, claiming that the methods used to take photos of their biases only cause stress and harm to the idols.


But once again, the issue is split as some claim that the boycott will be unnecessary unless stricter regulations are made about fans visiting idols at the airport in general.

Source: Pann Nate and Nate