Netizens Debate Whether Starship Entertainment Shows Favoritism To Certain IVE Members

“This just proves that IVE is really Jang Wonyoung, Ahn Yujin, and the rest.”

Recently we reported that IVE‘s Ahn Yujin and Gaeul revealed their rooms to audiences.

In the September 4 episode of MBC‘s Where Is My Home, the two IVE members showed audiences their rooms in the dormitory.

Ahn Yujin (left) and Gaeul (right) | mbc

Ahn Yujin revealed her room which she uses alone. The room featured expensive furniture, including a motion bed with a built-in desk and a mini fridge.

IVE’s Gaeul, on the other hand, revealed that she shares a room with three other members. The room was divided into sections via a partition, with members being given a bed and dresser.

The episode revealed that members Ahn Yujin, Jang Wonyoung, and Liz each have their own rooms, while members Gaeul, Rei, and LEESEO, share a room together. According to the episode, the members decided how to split the rooms together.

Bottom left: Leeseo, Rei, and Gaeul | MBC

Since the episode aired, netizens have been debating whether the company showed too much favoritism towards certain members.

In a viral post titled, “IVE’s Discrimination Among Members Is Too Much,” a netizen uploaded pictures from the episode. The post has since been viewed over 100K times as of writing this episode.

| Nate Pann

Some netizens felt that there was discrimination against certain members.

  • “They just call themselves a group, but Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung are sunbaes who make the most money, LOL.”
  • “Why does it feel like they split the rooms by how long they’ve been in the industry besides LIZ since she’s ill.”
  • “If it was me, I don’t think I would like to live in that dorm.”
  • “You guys are so obsessed with Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung. Then they shouldn’t be in a group.”
  • “LE SSERAFIM’s IZ ONE members don’t discriminate when it comes to rooms, LOL. I guess bigger companies are better after all.”
  • “This just proves that IVE is really Jang Wonyoung, Ahn Yujin, and the rest.”

A majority of netizens, however, defended the group as the members revealed that they all agreed to split rooms between those who wanted to share rooms and those who did not. Also, netizens argued it only made sense for Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin to have their own rooms as they are busy with solo schedules.



  • “Then do you think Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung, who are busy with solo schedules, should share rooms? Do you know how much they make for Starship Entertainment? The fact that they are living in the dorm is a compromise in itself. LOL. They are at the very least entitled to their own rooms.”
  • “Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung have a lot of solo schedules, so the members compromised for them. Also, Ahn Yujin bought her furniture with her own money, so what’s the problem?”
  • “Why do you even care when they decided the room themselves? Why do you forget LIZ? The fact that they can live in a dorm that nice is because of Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung.”
  • “It’s only right that Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung have their own rooms. The members then decided how to split rooms among themselves, so what is the problem?”
  • “But if you watched them on The Manager, their dorm is nice AF.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: Nate Pann