Netizens Come To The Defence Of aespa’s NingNing After Being Accused Of A “Rude” Attitude To Fans

In reality, NingNing received so much praise for her caring personality!

Idols always have expectations they have to fulfill to be seen as a “Perfect” influence, whether it’s focusing on visuals, personality, or talent on stage. Recently, netizens have come to the defense of aespa‘s NingNing after allegations that she was “rude” during their recent Paris trip.

Aespa’s NingNing | @aespa_official/Instagram

Aespa recently had schedules in France for Paris Fashion Week alongside their own fanmeeting. During their time there, NingNing wowed with her undeniable visuals and duality.

| @aespa_official/Instagram
| @aespa_official/Instagram

Yet, a recent clip has gained attention on social media where netizens have accused NingNing of being “rude” towards fans.

In the video, NingNing was walking through a group of fans, and as they started shouting her name, the idol blocked her ears and carried on walking to the car.

Even in the car, NingNing seemed uncomfortable as she sat down with quite a somber look on her face. When the video was released, netizens used the clip as a way to show that the idol was being “rude” toward fans as she ignored them.

Yet, as soon as the clip started gaining attention, netizens from several fandoms came to the defense of aespa’s youngest member.

Straight away, many pointed out that the clip was easily clipped out of context and that those who were there explained that the idol was adjusting her AirPods, not blocking her ears.

Many also pointed out that the journey for NingNing to arrive in Paris was definitely something that could take an emotional toll. After noticing that NingNing didn’t join the members at the airport, the idol explained that she had issues with her visa, which meant that her journey was delayed.

Taking into consideration the stress of the visas, the long traveling, and then having to complete schedules, netizens believed that it wouldn’t have been surprised if she wasn’t feeling 100%, especially with fans expecting a certain fan service all the time.

Others explained that this moment happened late in the evening. Throughout the trip to Paris, NingNing constantly impressed fans with her interactions that truly showcased her personality. Many pointed out that this truly showcased NingNing’s attitude towards fans rather than an out-of-context clip.

Whether it was during schedules…

| @tiuhyo/Twitter
| @tiuhyo/Twitter
| @oomfgulki/Twitter  

At the actual fashion show…

| @umpahseulgi/Twitter

Or the fansign with aespa fans, netizens believe that these clips truly showcase the kind of person NingNing is.

| @umpahseulgi/Twitter

It is sometimes easy to forget that idols are humans as well, and people love to twist clips to prove this. Many believe that NingNing showcased her true personality through her fan interactions and journey to get to Paris.

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