Netizens Defend “Street Woman Fighter” Leader Bada Lee After Receiving Criticism For Her Cover Of BTS Jungkook’s Song

The dancer posted a video dancing to “Standing Next To You.”

Netizens have come to the defense of a famous choreographer and dancer after she received hate for dancing to a song from BTS‘s Jungkook.

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

At the start of November, Jungkook released his song “Standing Next To You” from his album Golden. In the choreography version of the video released on HYBE’s channel, Jungkook showcased the moves to match the hit track.



One person who recently put her own spin on the song was BEBE‘s Bada Lee.

Bada Lee | @badalee__/Instagram

Over the years, the dancer and choreographer has impressed fans with her unreal skills and is even a close friend of fellow BTS member V. Bada recently shared a video of herself covering Jungkook’s song with Just Jerk‘s HOWL.

| @badalee__/Instagram
| @badalee__/Instagram 

While many fans praised the cover, some fans didn’t agree as they believed Bada Lee was dancing too “powerfully” and that it didn’t suit the vibes of the original song.

Yet, while some fans were quick to criticize Bada Lee, others came to the dancer’s defense. In particular, they pointed out how much experience the choreographer has and it shouldn’t be surprising that she was putting her own spin on the dance.

Choreographers are known for putting their own spin on choreography and while it might differ from Jungkook’s original concept, many believe fans should be respectful of people’s own artistic interpretation.