Netizens Defend ENHYPEN Jake’s Privacy Following Rumors Sparked By A Now-Deleted Tweet

Fans demand that BELIFT LAB take measures to protect their artist.

Netizens call on BELIFT LAB for better protection of ENHYPEN Jake‘s privacy after rumors surfaced of him allegedly approaching girls on the street by asking for a cigarette lighter.

ENHYPEN’s Jake | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

On August 22, a Korean netizen tweeted pictures of a man in a plaid shirt talking to girls in the Itaewon area of Seoul, claiming that it was Jake.

The tweet is now deleted and the account suspended, but the issue quickly gained attention in Korea. Many netizens took a critical stance against what they believed to be Jake’s actions, questioning both him being in Itaewon and asking for a cigarette lighter as an alleged means of “picking up girls.”

Yet, despite the scrutiny that he is under, many netizens have come to his defense. For one, fans are convinced that the pictures are actually fake. This is because there appear to be signs of editing, meaning it could have simply been made to look like Jake.

Even so, fans are also pointing out notable dissimilarities between Jake’s facial features and those of the man in the pictures.

Even non-fans have pointed out that it seems highly unlikely that their manager would have let him go out like that.

But even if the rumors were true, ENGENEs claim that Jake shouldn’t be judged for choosing to smoke and talk to girls. While it is true that that is a bigger deal in Korea than in other places, Jake is still an adult, which means he’s entitled to do as he wishes.

Yet, ENGENEs’ primary concern is the invasion of privacy that is taking place—and the alleged lack of protection Jake has received from BELIFT LAB. They are now calling on the company (and on HYBE, of which BELIFT LAB is a subsidiary) to protect their artist more effectively.

In fact, fans believe they have so far done more to protect Jake and ENHYPEN from the rumors than the company has, which they feel is unfair to him and the members.

This is not the first time fans raise concerns about Jake’s well-being. Recently, fans became worried about two women’s treatment of Jake during KCON 2022‘s hi-touch event.

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