ENHYPEN Fans Raise Concerns About Two Women’s Treatment Of Jake During KCON’s Hi-Touch

Fans were understandably upset by the video.

KCON 2022 has already proven to be incredibly eventful. There are the more typical viral moments of idols’ incredible visuals and stellar performances.

And fans love all the different interactions between idol groups, like watching ATEEZ and ITZY enjoy Stray Kids‘ performance.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong watching Stray Kids’ performance | @skzedit08/TikTok 

But there have been other unexpected viral moments, like the fight between fans trying to be the first to enter the venue.

Another similarly uncomfortable viral moment is of two women, who were initially believed to be the same person, at ENHYPEN‘s hi-touch. Many fans had adorable interactions with EHYPEN.

But one fan ended up delaying the line and impacting the time other fans got to spend with the members. According to fans at the fansign and a video, the woman stayed in front of Jake, who was last in the line, and refused to move even as the staff tried to escort her off the stage.

| @slaypen/Twitter 

| @slaypen/Twitter 

This forced other fans to hurry through the hi-touch to make up for the time she took.

And fans were understandably concerned for the safety of ENHYPEN since the woman was able to resist the staff for so long.

Fans also pointed out that another woman was shouting for Jake to marry her daughter, which they agreed must also have been uncomfortable for ENHYPEN. Allegedly the woman also tried to pay one-thousand US dollars for the hi-touch to ensure Jake met her daughter.

Hopefully all fans will learn to treat idols with respect and follow event rules.

You can watch the full video of the first woman here.

You can watch the video of the second woman’s shout here.

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